• Hangue Kim (Brighter SFU)

Hello SFU,

My name is Hangue Kim and I am running to be your next SFSS President. I currently serve as the Vice President Finance and previously served as the Business Faculty Representative. My platform is based on my previous experiences and knowledge of the SFSS. My promises are realistic and achievable provided the one year term. I promise to:

1. Increase funding into student services that support YOU: It can be tough being a student with student loans, hikes in tuition, increases in the cost of living, and other personal reasons. That is why, I want to focus on providing more support services that help alleviate some of the financial burdens that students face by:

a. Increasing the SFSS’s and external contributions to the Emergency Certificate Food Bank program and expanding the available food options. We will fix the internal processes so that the students who need the funding are receiving it.

b. Continuing to increase our lobbying efforts for additional bursary funding for students.

c. Establishing additional student services based on the results from the General Membership Survey.

2. Create more future opportunities for YOU: Students are here a for a reason, to receive an education to help build their future. I will focus on creating more opportunities for students to get involved and support them by:

a. Developing a new program that allows students to apply for funds to kick start their ideas ranging from social enterprises, events, to new services. We will also continue to increase club and student union support through grants.

b. Making the new SUB and Stadium more student centric. This year will be a big year in terms of transitioning and researching what we will be putting into the new building. We will listen to students and work with constituency groups, student unions, clubs on providing more spaces for them.

c. Utilizing the Space Expansion Fund to increase our presence on all three campuses by researching and developing plans to provide more study spots, lounge rooms, or other student spaces.

3. Represent and advocate for YOU: I will be a strong voice in representing students and make it very clear that the SFSS is here to support them by:

a. Enforcing a zero tolerance policy for any sexual assault act committed within the SFSS. We will make sure all SFSS spaces are under the same jurisdiction as the university’s new policy and make sure that victims are supported.

b. Focusing our efforts on advocating for a long term agreement for the U-Pass and negotiating a new Health and Dental Plan, where we will conduct an RFP (request for proposal) process to make sure that students get the best deal.

c. Transitioning the SFSS to adopt the new governance policies based on the referendum results.

d. Advocating for making our campus more accessible for students.

Thank you for taking the time to read my platform and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at hanguek@sfu.ca.

Have a wonderful day!

*remainder of platform omitted due to word limit*