2016 Fall By-Election

Larissa Chen

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My name is LARISSA CHEN, a fourth year Health Science student and the elected VP Student Services and current Interim President of the SFSS. I believe I am the ideal candidate for the SFSS President role, as I have proved my ability to serve the membership and lead the Society.

I will act as the continuity piece for Board and the role of President. Throughout my time as a Board of Director, I’ve led student-focused projects, campaigns and events. I’ve also developed key relations and demonstrated my support for Society initiatives and student voices.


VP Student Services & Interim President (May to October 2016).

SFSS Faculty of Health Sciences Representative (2015 to 2016).

SFU Student Senator (2015 to now)

Chair of the Board

Chair of SFSS Engagement and Accessibility committee.

Committee member of Governance, Strategic Plan and Events.

HSUSU VP Marketing (2014 to 2015).


The learning curve for the President position is steep. Over the last 6 months, I’ve gained a strong understanding of the role. I will be ready to lead immediately, if elected.

  • Lead the SFSS Spring 2017 Health & Dental Plan Referendum.
  • Hold my fellow Board members accountable.
  • Lead by example and allow opportunities for Board members and membership to hold myself accountable.


My key priority is to advocate for student issues at all campuses. These issues are inclusive of, but not limited to, sexual assault prevention & support, mental wellbeing and accessibility.

  • Represent student voice as a Sexual Violence Policy Development committee member.
  • Provide opportunities for student groups to host more accessible events on campus.
  • Develop a mental health & wellbeing campaign.
  • Advocate for Student Wellbeing Centre to exist in the SUB, inclusive of a variety of student wellbeing concerns.


I aim to improve student groups’ navigation of SFSS services and processes. They are the strongest supporters of social life on campus and I want to assist them in developing their initiatives, events and projects.

  • Advocate for increased student union and club funding in the 2016-17 budgeting process.
  • Conduct user interviews regarding existing SFSS procedures.
  • Provide student groups with templates and support to guide their planning process, communications, granting proposals and accessibility.


Student representation is critical in highlighting the SFU undergraduate voice. I will continue my work towards successful methods of student participation and engagement.

  • Develop orientation plans for increased awareness for candidates in SFSS elections.
  • Highlight opportunities for students from Surrey and Vancouver campuses to be represented.
  • Prioritize student input, as to accurately reflect what concerns our membership truly express.


The Society’s current bylaws are primitive and need revisions to be more clear, consistent and user-friendly.

  • Develop outreach plan and consultation process to effectively inform students and receive feedback regarding proposed bylaw changes.
  • Lead SFSS bylaw changes through a Spring referendum.

From Nov 15 to 17, please vote in the SFSS by-elections. Thank you for your consideration & vote #Lari4President #ContinueWithChen

More information at bit.ly/lari4president


Darien Lechner

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Picture of Darien Lechner

To the membership of the Simon Fraser Student Society

This election we must ask ourselves what our student society has accomplished.

Our students have been silenced and our athletes have been lied to.

We are more than just capital for the university to exploit.

We have a voice. This is the time to use it.

We should not have to fight for transparent government but we are left with no choice.

It is now that we set the values we wish to see in the world. If we tolerate corruption and irresponsibility as the status quo for our government then we only have ourselves to blame. We cannot allow this to be considered acceptable. If these practices are not challenged here and now, we are allowing them to set the standard for our future. I believe in the principles of democracy, and of ethical and responsible government. I will not accept excuses that these goals are too much work. I will not let them tell us that it can’t be done.

I have four months.

I will be making an immediate commitment to a transparent student society. As your president it will be my responsibility to direct the board with this goal in mind. I will fight at every opportunity to inform you, the membership, of decisions that are of utmost importance.

As your president I will make it imperative that the Board of Directors acknowledge and commit to a fair solution for the Build SFU levy. We are a tri-campus university. It is unacceptable that students who are not based in Burnaby will be expected to contribute almost $1000 over the course of their degree for a facility that does not have their interests in mind. The recent stadium cancellation is even more of a reason to address the unfair and corrupt project.

How did Build SFU go so wrong? We all have our own answers. I will support a third party, independent audit and review of the operation as a whole. Every contract and staff members decision needs to be reviewed. It is unacceptable to hear that a project is 3x over budget in ANY sphere of our society. This project was way too big to be done so poorly and we need real answers. No more excuses.

My opponents all have their own reasons for running. But these reasons are their own. I am running for all of us, because I fear this may be our last chance.

Thank you,
Darien Lechner


Deepak Sharma



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