Jade Andersen

In the past few months in which I have been chair of the Molecular Biology and Biochemistry 2sdfdfStudent Union, I’ve worked hard to build community within my Departmental student union and amongst the entire Faculty of Science.  I felt that within my department, there was a lack of community.  I figured that being part of an active DSU and having the opportunity to bond with other MBB students would enhance my experience at SFU, but unfortunately mine had fallen inactive due to many of the executives graduating.  Thus began my involvement with the SFSS.

I learned the ropes and revived the MBBSU.  I’ve taken leadership roles in interdepartmental projects between various Faculty of Science DSUs.  I spearheaded social and networking events.  I recently initiated a student space renovation project for MBBSU slated for completion by September 2013.  I became heavily involved with the Science Community Initiative (SCI Crew), the organization that brings you Geek Week and Science Frosh every year.

Goals over the neat year:
In my capacity as MBBSU Chair and later as your Science Rep, I will continue to work with the SFSS University Relations Officer and Facilities Project Services to create a beautiful, comfortable, and functional space in SSB that MBB students (and everyone who uses the labs in SSB) will feel is a home away from home.

Geek Week and Science Frosh are an important part of the student experience at SFU.  I’ve seen many of the first years from Frosh this year become very active in the student community and though the current executives are graduating, I will continue to maintain the continuity of SCI Crew and ensure that students can continue to enjoy these events.

I’ve always been friendly and approachable and happy to listen to the concerns of students and will continue to try to engage science students and make sure our interests are well represented in the SFSS.

Departmental student unions are the core of the student community in our faculty, and as science rep it is my responsibility to ensure that they remain active.  There have been issues in the past where various DSUs have become stagnant due to graduation of most of the executives and active members.  I plan to continue to promote student involvement/engagement and offering support and mentorship to help the Faculty of Science DSUs prosper.