Lukas Grajauskas

This candidate withdrew on March 22nd 2014

Monty Grewal

My name is Monty Grewal. I’m currently a second year Molecular Biology and Biochemistry student. Over the last two years, I gained more than I ever imagined I would from SFU. I’d now like to give back to SFU and help generate change. That is why I am running for Representative of Sciences. I am devoted to making SFU a better place for students. To accomplish this I will commission the following proposals:

  • Work with the departmental student unions such as SCI Crew and Science connection to create more social events for students to create a sense of unity
  • Create an public website for all students to use that will help them with their studies to help grasp difficult concepts, be able to create study groups based on the classes they are currently enrolled in, as well as provide links to sources which may yield useful or student success
  • Implement an open door policy for students can contact me personally via my sfu email regarding various topics such as getting involved with SFSS and other events on campus.

Contact information:
Email: mgrewal04@gmail.com

Betty Ly

Betty Ly
As a fourth year student majoring in both mathematics and molecular biology & biochemistry, I have had my fair share of events at SFU. Being involved in events has shown me what it is like to have a small community of friends here and how welcoming SFU is. I want to give other students this opportunity: to see what SFU truly is.

I have volunteered at numerous science events including the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) convention. I have been heavily involved with Science Frosh and Geek Week the past three years. To bridge my connection to SFU Surrey, I am currently a team leader for SFU Surrey Open House as well as a silver-level ambassador in Surrey’s Ambassador Program.

By increasing science related events, students in different science faculties will be able to engage with others and build connections. This will also help students with their way through undergraduate studies as building these bridges will help pave the way towards convocation. Currently, as the lead director of SCI Crew, my hope is to use SCI Crew’s connection to build opportunities for students. Having a team of students, who are just as passionate about SFU as I am, can efficiently plan and bring events to the students by the students.

As your Science Representative, my goals are to:

  • Work with the DSUs to build a FSU as a central hub for students
  • Connect SFU Surrey students to the SFSS in Burnaby
  • Increase the number of science events within all DSUs
  • Renovate study areas to maximize efficiency
  • Create a welcoming environment for all students to have their voices heard
  • Focus on pressing non-science issues such as hunger, u-pass and the health & dental plan.

The events I would host as your Science Rep:

  • Science Frosh
  • Geek Week
  • Geek Week Pub Night
  • Molecules & Moustaches
  • Undergraduate Science Convention

As well as any ideas that come from the student body

I guarantee that all thoughts and concerns that are relayed to me will be addressed. My email is: btly@sfu.ca/ To view more, visit: http://goo.gl/dL3XXj

Deepak Sharma

“We build too many walls and not enough bridges.”
-Isaac Netwon.

The faculty of science is massive! With many departments, each having their own individual subsets of programs, unity, and collaboration can prove to be difficult. I hope to improve this by working with clubs, faculty, and students, to bring more faculty-wide events and initiatives that will bring a more unified and enriched experience to science students. I will accomplish this by always working closely with the DSU execs, because there is no “I” in “team.”

Don’t know what to do with your summer? I know, it can be disheartening, because were always told “do research.” It’s becoming too much of an endless scavenger hunt. WE deserve a mailing list full of opportunities. We will accomplish this by, bridging science communities together.

Who is Deepak Sharma? I am in purse of a major in Behavioral Neurosciences. I’ve been involved in various long-term leadership roles where teamwork was essential, in addition to where liaising a massive group of students was required. My past experiences have shaped me into a person who will best reflect, and represent the faculty of science as a unified team.