Anu Sri

My name is Anu Sri, I am running to be your Science Representative. More importantly, I embody School Spirit. Currently I am finishing my 5th year at Simon Fraser University. I have been at SFU for a while now, and I believe I have developed an understanding of what majority of my peers seek for in a semester. My involvement within the community includes being Vice President of the SFU Canucks club, and volunteering for multiple events such the Spring Send Off. I have also been an attendee at events at the pub, and the Fall Kickoff. A major issue that I have seen in these events is the lack of comradery between the students. Even though these events attract a large crowd, they do not promote school unity. Majority of the attendees arrive with a crew, and throughout the night they stay together. These events are necessary, but so are community building events. If I am elected as Science Representative, I will lobby firmly to continue these social events, as well as integrate events which promote interaction between students of various faculties, and not just within their own. This is important for three main reasons.

  1. This builds a sense of engagement. What I mean by that is it promotes a sense of community. Students will be more inclined to help those that they know better than a complete stranger. This will appeal to those who may be too shy to attend office hours another contingency to receive help via student-ran tutor services. Furthermore, by engaging students of various faculties, the science student will have an idea of what courses will most likely suit them in order to complete course requirements outside of their majors.

  1. Building a sense of community builds a united student society. This is important to ensure there is transparency between SFSS and whom they represent.  This creates the platform to continue such programs such as Build SFU. Creating a mutual understanding and thus creating no need for referendums to allow the progression of SFU. A Student Union Building ran and owned by the students, facilitating more opportunities for students to get involved within the community. Transparency equates to accountability. Students concerned with how their money is being spent will be able see how the money is actually spent.

  1. Finally, building community creates sustainability. Aforementioned, progression of SFU creates new opportunities for students to engage. It creates more job opportunities for students, and more volunteer chances. A sense of community further establishes sustainability by promoting an increase in activity of SFU alumni, which is currently severely lacking.

I would like to close by stating, I envision a SFU that also embodies school spirit.


Brandon WongScreen Shot 2015-03-12 at 12.33.25 AM

My name is Brandon Wong, and I am currently a Science student, with an intention to transfer into Biomedical Physiology. I would like to raise some concerns pertaining to the students of Science, and help explore the possibilities to go about alleviating them.

Here is my platform, albeit quite conservative. In my opinion, these smaller points have been overlooked, with the introduction of large-scale projects and other high-profile issues within the SFSS.

  1. Resources

  • DSUs, Rooms, and Grants:

To provide space and other necessities for Science DSUs to thrive; I believe this will in turn provide for students in their respective departments. Space includes actual DSU Rooms, and access to appropriate rooms for their events. Necessities include fair and proper allocation of grants, as needed. In addition, although considered “not my focus,” I will aim to push for space and necessities for all other DSUs.

  • Tutors, Opportunities, and Practice Exams:
    Resources that nurture the growth of any student must be fully accessible, and improved if appropriate. These, brought to the attention of the general populace, can really help. These resources include, but are not limited to, tutors, clubs specific to future career interest and endeavours, research and volunteer opportunities, and even something as simple as more practice material for exams.

  1. True Representation

  • What it means:

The SFSS is mandated to advocate on behalf of all students. As such, miscommunication must be mitigated between the organization and the student body for the Student Society matters to run efficiently. True representation of the student body: your needs, your wants, presented accordingly. I will seek for every student’s concerns to be heard, and I will push to resolve them.

  • Outreach Initiatives:

Unfortunately, many students feel disconnected from administration, be it the SFSS, the student body, or the school itself. This can make the representation of students very difficult. By implementing voluntary outreach, we can take the first step towards students, in engaging their connection with SFU.

Just recently having transferred from two different small colleges, I am relatively new to SFU’s fast-pace. This can be seen as a crutch to my campaign; however, in my opinion, it is an advantage to help the students of SFU. From an outside perspective, I will aim to provide things that will benefit SFU students that they never knew they really wanted.

Build SFU and my stance:

Build SFU is a project which aims to benefit students through a space for student activity; the stadium aims to engage students in a similar way, providing a space for all athletic activities. Should these benefits be overlooked by the increasing fees placed on student tuition? For one, I believe there are already a lot of facilities that students can utilize; albeit, these facilities are sometimes inaccessible or difficult to access. A new SUB can centralize student activity, and such is the same for the stadium and student athletics. As a leading world class University, we are quickly outgrowing the places that the school already provides. Improvement to the campus will serve to bring more attention, from new students, sponsorships, and donors. SFU is conservative in its stance, quick to shut down new ideas. We need to be more open to incoming ideas, support them, and allow them the chances that they deserve. Conversely, we should be sensitive of SFU’s conservative stances: This includes an open dialogue, unbiased, as soon as possible to negate all misunderstandings.

Thank you for your time in reading my platform.

All the best,

Brandon Wong

Jas HansScreen shot 2015-03-16 at 1.21.32 PM

Responsible. Driven. Proactive. Hello SFU, my name is Jas Hans and I am a third year student pursuing a Molecular Biology and Biochemistry (MBB) and Business joint major. My goal as Science Representative will be to actively advocate on behalf of 21% of the Science student population at SFU. I am a determined individual who is dedicated to the study of science and will put in my utmost effort to tackle some of the major issues that I have seen over the past three years at SFU. My goals are as follows:

Faculty Focused Goals:

•       Work alongside the newly formed Science Undergraduate Society and DSU’s to promote interconnectedness amongst the different science departments and clubs to bring a sense of unity within the faculty.

•       Establish a Faculty of Science peer mentorship program, so that new students entering the faculty can connect and network with upper division students. This would be a great way to strengthen the science community and help new students get an understanding of what they need to do to succeed and transition into SFU life.

•       Inform students about growing industries, Co-ops, research and volunteer opportunities so that students can get the most out of their education and be ready and qualified to join the work force when they graduate.

University Focused Goals:

•       Support transit improvement projects so that students don’t have to stress about getting to and from SFU and can spend their time where it’s most needed.

•       Work with fellow peer Board members and Senate to advocate for free course materials for common first and second year classes. Will promote this by pushing for the Open textbook campaign and make it a top priority for SFSS.

I will LEAD by collaborating with other student leaders, faculty members, and the new Science undergraduate society to make the most out of students time here at Simon Fraser University.
If you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at psh2@sfu.ca.

Vote Jas Hans for SFSS Science Representative, thank you for your support.

Jesse Velay-VitowScreen Shot 2015-03-12 at 12.55.41 AM

The measure of a man is what he does with power.

In my opinion, I’ve measured up. In the two years since I have come to SFU I have held a multitude of positions in various DSUs. I was treasurer of Mathematics Student Union and I am now the President and Council representative of the Physics Student Association. Early in the fall term I opened up a stream of dialogue between the Science DSUs and have developed positive relationships with many of their representatives.

In the past year I’ve been involved in the organization of the Science Undergraduate Society, whose mission statement is to connect science students across the departments. As such I’ve aided in the organization of many events: Molecules and Moustaches 2014, the upcoming SUS Special General Meeting, Cards against Humanity and many events on the Departmental level. This isn’t to say that every event has to be cross departmental, it is important for every group to have space for the events that are of interest to them. It is a priority of mine that a wide range of experiences are made available to ALL science students those at Surrey and Burnaby.

With the other members of my slate, the LAN Party, I hope to foster faculty cross pollination, especially between Sciences and Applied Sciences. The development of the SUS will be a high priority on my list as the potential for research and interdisciplinary advancement can only occur if the numerous specialized departments can intermingle. In the next year I will continue facillitating interaction and development. I will use the position of science rep to enrich the experiences of all science students. 

Jimmy Dhesa

“The greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things. He is the one that gets the people to do the greatest things.”

-Ronald Regan

As a sciences student who is very involved in the SFU community, I am running to be your Faculty of Science Representative because I have a strong desire to ensure that our school reaches its full potential. Our school has great staff, facilities and programs for students to take advantage of, however, all of these areas of considerable importance can be improved upon. Progress is fundamental for our school to be the best it could be, and none of this can be achieved without leadership pushing for change.

My goal is to inspire people to achieve self-actualization in their time at SFU. In my graduating high school, I was able to motivate many students to improve themselves, which directly affected the quality of the education and the school atmosphere. In my time there I was the youngest and longest-serving school president due to the collective view that I had a positive effect on the school.

I understand that in the field of sciences, we must constantly strive to improve and succeed, but some so blindly pursue success that they end up repeating the mistakes of their predecessors. I am willing to put aside fear of failure in relentless pursuit of progress in our school and faculty.

Running for the faculty representative is important to me, as I want to ensure that funds are being allocated in a way that maximizes efficiency to create a better environment for students for years to come.

I am strongly invested as a first year due to the many years left in my education. In my short time here, I have become attached to the school and consider it to be a second home to me, which is why I am committed to making it a better place, not just now, but for years to come.

I do not do this solely for myself, but for the SFU community as a whole. I will facilitate change to make SFU a better place for all students, and within short time you will be reassured that you did not make the wrong choice by voting for me.

Marija JovanovicScreen Shot 2015-03-12 at 11.27.22 AM

Hey everyone!

My name is Marija Jovanovic and I am running for the Faculty of Science Representative position in the SFSS General Election. I am doing a joint major program in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry and Business Administration with a Certificate in Genomics.

I have a very strong understanding of how the Simon Fraser Student Society works and I want to use my understanding to get science students what they want. I am on the Constitution and Policy Review Committee, which has given me insight into the complexities and the inner functioning of the Society. With this knowledge, I know how to make things happen effectively.

I have been an executive for the Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Student Union for almost two years. This has given me experience organizing, planning, and executing plans in the scope of the Society. I have been involved in movie nights, BBQs, Frosh, Geek Week, creating merchandise, and much more. This experience has also given me knowledge about the challenges faced by Science Departmental Student Unions when they want to accomplish a goal. I know how hard it is to get a health permit in on time, try to schedule an event, or plan how many people are going to come. More importantly, I know how to overcome these challenges and I can help the Departmental Student Unions and the Faculty Student Union overcome them.

Outside of the Simon Fraser Student Society, I have helped the Student Health Advisory Committee plan the Healthy Campus Consultation, been a mentor for the Future Science Leaders Program, and actively participated in Let’s Talk Science events and activities.

I want to give you a better experience during your time in university and I am armed with the experience, knowledge, and understanding to make that happen.


There are three aspects I will focus on.

  • Building Community.

    • I will work closely with the Science Departmental Student Unions (DSUs) to support them and provide them with the resources they need to navigate the SFSS. Furthermore, I will encourage the DSUs to work together and connect with each other to share their knowledge and expertise about their roles.

    • Since the Faculty Student Union was recently established, it is still in its infancy. Helping to develop and grow the Faculty Student Union will be a huge component of the Faculty of Science Representative’s portfolio this year. I will work closely with them and the SFSS to provide the support they need to reach their potential while maintaining their autonomy.

    • The student union building and stadium project will provide students with more space, a happy atmosphere, and a place to celebrate SFU. I will continue to work on improving the project to address students’ needs, desires, and most importantly concerns.

  • Engaging Students.

    • For a Faculty of Science Representative, outreach is the single most important part of understanding the needs and desires of students. I will provide effective outreach to science students by actively reaching out to students, not just student groups, and being available and approachable.

    • There is currently no mentorship program for science students. I will advocate for the creation of a science mentorship program. This program will help mentors build their leadership skills and help mentees build their confidence and knowledge.

  • Providing Opportunities.

    • Although there are many opportunities available to science students, it can be intimidating trying to find them. I will seek to streamline opportunities and make them readily accessible to students.

    • I’ve heard over and over again science students say they want to go into industry. However, they often find themselves lost when it comes to where to start. I will advocate for a job fair which highlights industry options, as well as academia options and workshops to help science students find the understanding and skills they need to succeed.

I want science students to leave SFU with more than a degree. I want them to leave with a strong network of friends, peers, and future colleagues which will help them achieve their career goals and I will help make that happen. Vote Marija for Science Rep and let’s start building a community that will foster intellectual curiosity and rejuvenate passion for scientific thinking.

If you have any questions about my platform, about the SFSS, or just in general, feel free to contact me via email (mjovanov@sfu.ca) or just stop me in the halls when you see me around ?