• Jimmy Dhesa
  • Tomas Rapaport

Jimmy Dhesa

Picture of Jimmy Dhesa

Picture of Jimmy Dhesa

Hello, my name is Jimmy Dhesa and I am a second year student in the Faculty of Science. I am excited to run for the position of Science Representative. Over the past two years, I have been actively engaged as a leader within the SFU community. Having co-founded two SFSS clubs; Student Philanthropy Initiative and the SFU Bhangra Club, I acquired the knowledge necessary to engage and involve a diverse population on multiple campuses.

The Faculty of Science has a large student body divided in 11 departments resulting in a large range of opinions on issues. I want to connect these voices to effectively take action and encourage involvement.

Unfortunately many science students do not know about the SFSS, Science Undergraduate Society, Departmental Student Unions, and the countless other resources in the Faculty of Science. This is not okay, and I will change that. My plan is to connect and engage students, while building within the faculty to improve the undergraduate experience.

If elected, I will:

Connect the Science Undergraduate Society with all 11 Departmental Student Unions to provide unity within the faculty and a strong voice for science students.

Engage students in the best research, co-op, peer mentorship, and leadership opportunities by establishing an Undergraduate Science Engage program, to inform and help students get involved in these opportunities, which they usually never hear or learn about.

Build on the social experience in the Science Faculty by advocating for a Science Common Room as well as renovations for the Science Lounge, to further connect and involve students.

Lastly, I plan to listen to the voices of all students, but before this all students must be informed about the SFSS. Therefore, I will hold both outreach and office hours with an open door policy on all campuses. This way everyone’s opinions will be heard.

As a second year candidate I am strongly invested due to the many years left in my education. You can rest assured that I will work hard to make the SFU undergraduate experience better not only for next year, but for many years to come. Together we can bridge the gap between an average undergraduate experience and an extraordinary one as one unified strong science community.

If you have any questions, please contact me at jdhesa@sfu.ca.

None of this can be made possible without your support. Vote Jimmy Dhesa for Science Representative, thank you for your support.


Tomas Rapaport

Hey folks! My name is Tomas Rapaport and I am running to be your next Science Representative. I view the Faculty of Science as a massively diverse and unique population with subsets of departments, programs, and desires. Science students’ opinions range on every issue, and I want to help encourage discussion and connectivity by advocating for a Science Undergraduate Common Room and a renovation of the Science Lounge located between the physics and biology wings. Here, you will be able to better relax from your last exam, as well as prepare for your next endeavours.

I will continue the good work done by my predecessors, expanding the Peer Mentorship Program to include University Survival Workshops for new students and fostering other educational projects for the entire membership. We pay enough in tuition, we shouldn’t have to pay for third-party providers to help us succeed.

I will continue to foster a science community by remaining involved in the Science Undergraduate Society and the SFU Science Undergraduate Research Journal as Co-Executive Editor. I will help all 11 Departmental Student Unions to connect with each other, connect with the SFSS Board, and connect to students by attending their meetings when possible and making sure they know that the SFSS board is behind them every step of the way.

Lastly, let’s not forget that the SFSS Board takes marching orders from student. You are the boss and at the end of the day it is students that move SFU and the SFSS. My job will be to help you voice your desires, and act on them.

Thanks for reading, and #VoteConnected.

Tomas Rapaport