• Parham Elmi

People should feel happy about going to university and should have the opportunity to learn and grow as a person. For most of us, we spend our time on campus just for academics and then commute down the mountain, ultimately ending up with a piece of paper and minimal experiences at university. That’s the issue and I’m running because I want to have a positive impact on this community.

I’m Parham, a 4th year kinesiology student with a passion to help others.

Volunteering in a senior home has taught me about life and it has imparted the need for me to do more while I’m young and have more opportunities of making a positive influence on others. Students shouldn’t have to go to university just to go through the process; there should be social outlets for everyone, resources clear and it should be made as affordable as possible. My hope is to have a positive impact by working to solve these kinds of problems, but not alone. Let’s make this change together.

The sciences provide people with the tools to solve problems whether curing illnesses, helping people perform better than before, and discovering unknown truths of this world. My entire academic career has been in the science faculty and this community is fantastic. I have met many great people, and I am running for the position of Science Representative to do right by them.

I have three big goals, and laid-out steps to accomplish them.

SAVE You Money – (Open Textbooks)

  • Course Materials for free (or close to it).
  • An existing government program that provides these materials exists, the SFSS has worked with them before, and still is – if you vote for me, I will continue this work.

Clear Convenient Communication

  • Online office hours so everyone has access, regardless of campus location.
  • I want to be a resource people can go to if they have questions, want to give suggestions or just need someone to complain to. From there, I want to drive the changes we need – from what students have to say at a deeper level than a survey, for people who are willing to do so.

Student Space – Build SFU.

  • Spaces in the SUB should go to student groups – run by students for students – if you vote for me I will push for this and push to be a part of the group that oversees the SUB work.

There are parts to enjoying the university experience. Saving your money, building amazing relationships, and creating a foundation for your life after university. Every day should be as exciting as the first day and the fact that it’s not bothers me. If you vote for me, I will work to push for more fun on campus, and save your money for the things that matter. I’m asking you to give me the opportunity to give you the opportunity, let’s make this change together.


  • Nikki Dumrique


Thank you for taking the time to read my platform.

If you haven’t had the chance to get to know me yet, my name is Nikki and I am honoured to run as your Science Representative.

In my three years as a student at SFU I started small with my involvement, being once the Pop master for the Bio Student Union (BSU), where I would make sure our common room’s pop machine was full; and since then, my passion to improve student life only grew.

From there, I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to serve as your BSU President and Council Representative, and your VP Finance for the Science Undergraduate Society (SUS). Overtime, these roles have equipped me with the skills that will make me an effective Science Rep.

From my experience with being involved on campus, I was able to see the untapped potential that we, as a community, have not yet addressed or actively worked towards.

As your Science representative I plan on working towards the following goals:

1. Stronger Community
I will focus my efforts in creating channels for all 11 departmental student unions (DSU) and our faculty student union (FSU) to communicate. I feel that by having a strong network within the faculty of science, DSUs/FSU will have more support, thus finding more success in their events, which all science students can benefit from.

I will also work towards more collaborative events between student unions and their department so that student unions can also offer more academic-oriented events, like career nights.

2. Outreach initiatives
Many students don’t take advantage of the opportunities available on campus simply because they were not aware of them sooner. I hope to work with the DSUs/FSU on promotions and marketing so that information about upcoming events can reach every student.

I will also focus on reaching out towards new students, particularly those who have not yet been involved with their department and faculty, and brainstorm effective recruitment strategies, to improve student engagement.

3. Academic Opportunities
Although each department has been independent with offering a tutoring program, I believe that students can benefit from combining each department’s efforts in having a collaborative peer tutoring and mentorship program, seeing that the Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences have found great success in theirs.

4. Science Common Room
I will advocate for a space where science students can study and socialize, giving our faculty a tangible presence. Considering how well the construction has been going for the new SUB building, I will make sure there will be a space reserved for science students. And in this room, I plan for resources, like textbooks, school supplies and food to be made available for students.

In addition to my main goals, I am excited to listen and advocate the needs of the science faculty if elected as your Science Representative.

Wishing everyone the best!