Parham Azizbaeigi (paa14@sfu.ca)

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June Kim (june.kim@sfu.ca)

Hello fellow volunteers,

I have been an involved member of Clubs and Student Unions since my first year at SFU. I worked alongside the most proactive people that I’ve met and it has been an extremely gratifying experience. The volunteerism that we have at SFU is unlike any other, and I am passionate about helping others get just as good of an experience as I did.

However, the Clubs and the Unions are at risk; SFSS has been repeatedly overspending over the last two years. Although the society works with the sum of money collected from every student, a lot of it is tied up in contractual agreements, leaving little room for grants. If the society continues to overspend for any longer, then the budget for grants will erode. That’s not a good thing. Your Club or Union may no longer have support to run the events that you plan every year.

I care about clubs and unions because we are the ones that care about the society. We are the ones who vote. We are the main beneficiaries and we get to decide where the money goes because we own the society. Will you choose to stop the society from carelessly overspending? Will you choose to support your own Club or Union?

Since I’ve been involved as a business student, I’ve experienced various aspects of SFSS and I am not hesitant to take a leadership role. I applied to be Treasurer not only because I care about those that care, but also because I want to grow professionally beyond SFSS. So that I can benefit you as a part of the larger society, which is the world.

Keenan Midgley (kbm1@sfu.ca)

Hello! My name is Keenan Midgley. I’m currently working towards a degree in accounting with a minor in environmental geography. I want to be the next treasurer of the SFSS because it provides me with an excellent opportunity to give back to SFU. The treasurer of the SFSS should help create memorable university experiences for all students while maintaining a balanced operating budget. My accounting classes have put me in a strong position to ensure that the society is efficient, stable, and working for students. While my previous employment experience has equipped me with valuable skills necessary in any work environment. I believe that communication is the cornerstone of any successful relationship whether that is with a co-worker, client, friend, or significant other. With communication on my side I will attain my goals as well as the rest of the organizations’.

An upward flow of communication from students, to clubs and DSU’s is vital to ensure that we, as representatives, stay on track and provide the most value to the greatest number of students. Students need to know that their novel ideas will not only be listened to, but acted upon. I would like to work towards creating an outreach initiative to help clubs and DSU’s with their events, and to feel more comfortable approaching the Finance and Administrative Services Committee (FASC) or the board for grant funding.

As a committee chair I will use my communication skills to facilitate efficient meetings. I am currently, and will continue to, study the budget documents so that I am prepared at meetings to provide relevant information. While in the office my door will always be open to answer any questions about financial documents and grants. Meetings are expensive. My character, personality and level of professionalism will allow me to run these meetings efficiently and effectively to ensure every dollar is working for students’ interests.

When it comes to budgeting, my focus will be on creating the most value for the largest number of students, which is why clubs and DSU’s funding is so important. Events held at SFU create value for the entire student body. For instance, anyone who walks through our convocation mall during an event, or hears about great pub nights, believes more in SFU students. Extensive club and DSU outreach is essential to create a culture conducive to a more memorable SFU experience.

An important component of creating these moments, discussions, and new friendships is the Pub. It is a great service, however, it’s not being used effectively with the exception of wing Wednesday’s and the revival of Thursday pub nights. I have talked to many students that have been going to SFU for years that did not even know where the Pub is at SFU. This is a problem! It is the best kept secret on campus! With so much money invested in the Pub, a greater number of students need to use it. I will work with clubs, DSU`s, and the Pub events and promotion coordinator to come up with innovative ideas to increase awareness of the Pub on campus. I think finding more corporate or group bookings is one solution. Furthermore I will plan a grand opening once renovations are complete.

With my environmental geography background, I am excited to have the opportunity to make a difference in SFU’s efforts in becoming more sustainable. I welcome any suggestions that fellow students can offer with regards to helping SFU reduce its impact on the environment. As for my own contributions, I would like to start off by seeing plastic cutlery and cups replaced with a biodegradable alternative such as cornstarch-based products.

The SFU experience should not just be academic, but rather should have a culture which breeds great memories. I am here to promote a sustainable, eventful and dialogue driven culture for students. If you have any questions take a look at my facebook event at “Support Keenan Midgley for SFSS Treasurer”.

Aboo Omar (abooo@sfu.ca)

How would you like to see the Black Eyed Peas play in the Convocation Mall for $5 tickets this time next year? Maybe see a reduction of tuition fees funded by the SFSS? I can make hundreds of promises like these but I won’t because as students, we make the common mistake of getting ahead of ourselves in our quest to be the change we want to see in the world. Which is why the SFSS is continually making a deficit. I say we attack the deficit before spending our future revenue.

I don’t want to digress here and talk about my personal life because what matters is my business and financial experience and I’ve plenty of that having worked in businesses for the last 10 years. Business runs in my blood and I’ve the experience to back what I say. Accounting is my career of choice therefore I have no hesitation in saying the next sentence: I am going to manage the accounts like they’ve never been managed before. Do I have experience in being a Treasurer? Yes. For the first time since its inception, the student council at my school eliminated its deficit because I ensured that money was spent appropriately to raise even more money. I negotiated a deal with a top hotel and ensured that their bill was paid in full the night of the event, something that was never done in the history of the student council.

My campaign is simple and it consists of three things:

  • Complete accountability.
  • Increases in revenues that won’t cost the students any more than they should.
  • Decreases in redundant monetary outflows without losing jobs.

I think that that is a manageable agenda for the next year and it frees up money to go towards meaningful ventures that benefit the student populace and not towards botched up concerts by hyped up one hit wonders.

I’m looking forward to bringing a much needed and unbiased fresh perspective to the SFSS. The bottom line is, I’m a University enthusiast asking for your vote to undertake a tough role requiring dedication and perseverance. I’m not promising anything I cannot deliver. I’m just saying, I know what I’m doing.

Feel free to contact me at my email: abooo@sfu.ca or through http://on.fb.me/VoteAboo

Peter Qumsieh (pqumsieh@hotmail.com)

I am currently completing my fifth year at Simon Fraser University with a major in criminology. I plan to continue my education at SFU for another year, providing me with a good opportunity to run for the position of SFSS Treasurer. As a five year business owner, I have developed skills that are crucial to being a successful director on the SFSS. I have managed up to twelve employees at any given time, providing great service and products to residents throughout the lower mainland. Running a business is an extremely difficult task, but it teaches you so much about yourself and people. I have become humbled through this experience; I have a deeper appreciation for both people and money. More so, I have a strong grasp of what it takes to run a successful business and thus a successful society.

As treasurer, I would seek to address a few key concerns that I have noted over the past two years. My first concern would directly relate to the way in which contracts and projects are undertaken. I feel that a higher degree of diligence can be brought forth; a necessary step in respecting the members of SFSS and their interest in future development. Due diligence first requires one to be well aware of all the issues surrounding the proposal. As treasurer, I would ensure that all members on the board thoroughly understand such issues and are voting in respect to them as opposed providing a compliance vote.

I am also extremely concerned about the current state of the Highland Pub here at SFU. The SFSS has recently invested over $644,430 to renovate the Pub. From 1996 to present, the pub has been losing approximately $180,000 to $300,000 annually; a cost that is coming directly out of our pockets. As future treasurer and an experienced business owner, I would do my best to reduce this haemorrhaging and provide solutions to students that meet both their needs and wants. One such option might call for the leasing of the Pub to private owners; transferring the financial onus onto business owners as opposed to society members (that being you the student). This option retains ownership of the property while leaving the actual operation of the business to a group more qualified. However, further investigation into this matter is necessary before any concrete solution can be proposed.

I want to create more opportunities for students to become engaged with the SFSS. In an ever increasingly competitive market, demands on all of us are increasing. I believe the SFSS should act as a means of increasing your competitive edge after graduating, providing students with opportunities to boost their skills and competencies. One example of how this could be achieved is by giving business students the opportunity to present a proposal on how to make the Pub profitable. It would allow business students to look at the numbers and gain a first hand experience on business dynamics. This experience could be invaluable; I would like to see more such opportunities opened up to all students at SFU.

On a final note, SFSS engagement has been suffering over the past years. I believe much of this is the result of a lack of opportunity, transparency, and accountability. That is, make the SFSS more accessible to its members by making information available simpler to digest. No one is going to read through the hundreds of pages of minutes provided on the SFSS website; this material must be simplified and more easily accessible to students. If we create more opportunities for students to engage within its society on top of making information more easily obtained and understood, I believe we have a greater chance of increasing engagement.

On March 22-24, vote Peter Qumsieh for treasurer. As a business owner, a student, and a person who cares, I promise to serve the SFSS to the best of my abilities. More so, I promise to serve you!

Michael Wang

Good treasurer == Honesty, Commitment and Efficient Money Management.

I, Michael Wang (wanghew@sfu.ca), have above qualities and experiences that will enable me to best serve the student body. I will:

  • Ensure that student receive the maximum benefits from the money spent; more funding and support for student groups.
  • Not just spend money, but spend money responsibly
  • Welcome positive change and will continuously seek the most beneficial and efficient.

Vote Michael Wang for Treasurer!