Barbara Szymczyk

My name is Barbara Szymczyk and I am running to serve as your next Simon Fraser Student Society Vice President of Finance.  I will begin by outlining some experience I hold and then continue onto outlining intended plans, if elected.Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 12.59.04 AM

I am a 4th year business student and during my time at SFU I have had the opportunity to engage in several areas of the school. Currently and in the past I have held several positions such as:

  • External Relations Executive at UNICEF SFU

  • Food Bank Assistant at the SFU Food Bank ( Also, Blogger and one of the Project Volunteers for the SFU Food Bank Garden)

  • SFU New Student Orientation Leader

  • SFU Model United Nations Delegate at UBC MUN

  • Student At-Large on the SFSS Constitution and Policy Review Committee (CPR)

  • Business Student Representative on the Student Health Advisory Committee

  • SFU Student Senator (Senate Committee on Enrollment Management and Planning, Senate Committee on Agenda and Rules)

Furthermore, as a Student At-Large on the SFSS Financial and Administrative Services Committee (FASC) for the last year, I have been able to familiarize myself with the process of: reviewing and proposing changes to the annual budget, making decisions for spending, and devising the 2015/2016 SFSS annual budget.

My experience within SFSS clubs and committees as well as other SFU programs has helped shape my perspective of SFU and equipped me to better represent the undergraduate students of this school as a Board of Director.

If elected as your VP Finance, I will work towards:

  • Increasing transparency and overall awareness of Society finances through helping to create a “SFSS Shorts” type segment and increasing information sharing via the SFSS website and social media.  Furthermore, I would like to further develop the creation of content summarizing the Society’s financials that is easy to understand by all members.

  • Restructuring the system of stipend issuing to motivate and keep Board members accountable to carrying out intended plans to completion, ultimately helping ensure student dollars are being used effectively.  This could be done by moving away from time sheets and towards an incentivizing stipend schedule where in addition to a base pay, there is a bonus pay contingent upon completion of intended plans. (Note: exact plans will depend upon stipend issuing structure at beginning of term of office.

  • Meeting the needs of the growing number of clubs and supporting student lead advocacy initiatives.  With the number of clubs and grant requests growing since 2005, I will aim to support students in their efforts.  Furthermore, with a membership of over 20,000 students, I believe supporting students speaking up on our behalf and advocating for our interests is value adding for everyone and therefore a worthwhile investment.

As a Board of Director, I would also like to work towards the further development of the SFSS Emergency Food Bank.  Currently certificates are only redeemable at Nesters and I would aim to expand this network to places where students could see the money go further.

To conclude, I have taken part in a variety of extracurriculars, possess directly relevant experience, and intend to work towards initiatives that will benefit all students.  I would be my honour to serve as your next Vice President of Finance. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Please reach out with any further questions, comments, or concerns you may have.

Phone: 604-868-2702

Email: bszymczy@sfu.ca

Facebook page: Barbara for SFSS VP Finance #VoteREAL

Karan ThakurScreen Shot 2015-03-11 at 11.12.45 PM

Mission:  Develop an engaged, transparent, and accountable foundation for sustainable community building.

My name is Karan Thakur and I am running to serve as your next Simon Fraser Student Society Vice President of Finance. I am currently in my fourth year at the Beedie School of Business concentrating in Finance, Entrepreneurship, and Tech Entrepreneurship. I am an entrepreneurial individual and strive to innovate, streamline, and simplify given the opportunity and I can ensure you that the current undertakings of the Finance office are in dire need of innovation. As part of School Spirit, a team of passionate and dedicated individuals, we are focused on developing an engaged, transparent, and accountable foundation for sustainable community building here at Simon Fraser University.

So what makes me credible for this position?

As an innovative entrepreneur with a strong focus on finance I have held the following positions that make me suitable for the position of Vice President of Finance

Operations Manager, Pindi Gold Jewellers INC

Implemented strategies to secure over $300,000 in B2B sales by utilizing relationship-building skills to coordinate and integrate operations with external partners in the insurance industry.

Increased sales by 63% in 2013 and 41% in 2014 by implementing data recording methods and using analytical skills to forecast sales and cash flows to plan strategic growth expenditures

Managed $600,000 new location development project for the business by overseeing the complete process from composing revenue projections, project budgeting, market research, SWOT analysis, and marketing plan for operating and financing purposes

Founder/CEO, ProClaim

Ensuring sustainable and rapid growth of start-up by building an executive team consisting of a CFO, CSO, CTO and three market researchers

Developing in-depth market research by collaborating with industry experts to collect qualitative and quantitative data to identify current performance inefficiencies in market to conceptualize SaaS solution

Establishing presence in market using strong network of key industry members by creating a recognized board of advisors to ensure rapid growth

Co-Founder/ Compliance Officer, Global GMT

Established presence in market by proactively strategizing to ensure sustainable growth backed by strong research and stakeholder collaboration to maximize impact

Fulfilled government agencies ongoing compliance requirements by assessing requirements and developing policies tailored to GMT by establishing compliance regime manual, transaction recording system, and reporting policies as per government agency requirements

Contributed to the organizations goal of reaching $3M in transactions in first year of operations by ensuring same day processing of client bank drafts and cheques by fostering organization’s positive image with banks

Why am I running, what do I bring to the table, and why should you elect me?

  1. Eliminate operational inefficiencies to establish accountability

I will work to identify performance gaps with the current SFSS operations to create a more efficient system. I aim to reduce redundant tasks to ensure that SFSS operations are in alignment with the interests of the community. Furthermore to increase accountability and efficiency in operations I will implement a system that readily makes available the SFSS operating budgets and expense reports online accessible to all members of SFSS.

  1. Establish an Investment Advisory Committee to bring transparency

Transparency in  SFSS’s operations will be my priority and I will ensure that any investment decisions made by the Board undergo rigorous risk assessment analysis. Furthermore, by establishing the Investment Advisory Committee I will ensure that control measures are set in place to make disciplined investment decisions. This committee will also ensure the investments are made in accordance with set risk policies to mitigate over exposure to protect the interests of the community. I intend to form a committee with a board of advisors consisting of industry professionals in conjunction with SFU students to ensure reliability.

  1. Reallocate funds to ensure continued community engagement

Currently a $50,000 annual budget is allocated between 300 clubs and events held by the SFSS. As an elected board member I will reallocate these funds by separating funding for clubs from that of the SFSS events. My aim is to enhance the quality and quantity of successful events organized by the numerous clubs at SFU to deliver greater engagement opportunities for students. Furthermore, in conjunction with VP Student life I will facilitate a platform for sponsorship of club events to reduce the club funding constraints.

On a final note please keep in mind that this position is one of the 16 elected positions and requires collaboration and willingness to prioritize, I am capable of collaborating for the betterment of the community and can;

Ensure operational effectiveness

Establish Priorities

Drive Initiatives

Implement long and short term business strategies

It would absolutely be an honour for me to represent your interests as the Vice President of Finance for 2015-2016 and I look forward to meeting you on campus.

Please feel free to contact me at kthakur@sfu.ca or at 778.987.3446 if you have any questions.  I wish all the candidates best of luck.