• Ibrahim Hafeez
  • Hangue Kim

Ibrahim Hafeez

Picture of Ibrahim Hafeez

Picture of Ibrahim Hafeez

SFU students need leaders who understand them; who inspire, sacrifice, and have the guts to do what matters, not just what looks good. My vision is for students to feel supported, to love being at SFU as much as I do, and to remember this place fondly when they graduate. My name is Ibrahim Hafeez. I am a 3rd year international student completing a BBA at the Beedie School of Business, and I would be honored to serve as your Vice President of Finance.

Goals that focus on challenges faced by students working with the SFSS today.

1. Managing Money Properly – Opportunities Budget: Every dollar is an opportunity to add value; but, the way we manage money is broken. There needs to be a proper budget, scheduled reports, and long-term fore-casting. Student leaders need to focus on the big-picture, future opportunities, and current risks. I would propose creating what I call an “opportunities budget” separate from day-to-day activities, focused on things that have historically changed annually. This allows for the board to focus on the big-picture, without neglecting the day-to-day.

2. Reporting and Big-Picture Thinking: Students need to know how their money gets spent, not with spreadsheets, but easily understood infographics. We need scheduled reports that describe our financial position, projects into the future, and show us where we’re at risk. This system gives student leaders more control, by letting us focus on the big picture. The board may then work strategically, efficiently, and focus on what really matters: adding value to the lives of undergraduate students.

3. Club and Student Union Grants – Timely Reimbursements: It should not be so difficult for a student to receive a grant or to be reimbursed. If I’m elected, this will be addressed. The SFSS sometimes takes months to give students their own money back. Cheque requisitions take too long to process and it’s unfair because students have rent, other bills, and text-books to pay for. Thirty days. No student should have to wait more than thirty days to be reimbursed. If elected, this is what I will push for on behalf of every student that works with the SFSS, regardless of what campus they are on.

4. Build SFU

A $65,000,000 project, the largest in SFSS history, and what I will necessarily prioritize. Students need to see reports on: construction, budget, and projected timelines – at the very least. They should have a chance to see if the SFSS is following through on the feedback it got from consultation, or not. Moreover, the board to focus on key decisions, and providing a student voice at the table with SFU.

When all is said and done, we need to actually show students that their fees add real value to their student experience, and I hope to have your support in becoming the next VP Finance.

My deepest thanks goes out to everyone here at SFU for all of the wonderful support!

Phone: (604)-754-7788

E-mail: ihafeez@sfu.ca


Hangue Kim

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Photo of Hangue Kim

Dear friends,

My name is Hangue Kim and I am running in the Simon Fraser Student Society (SFSS) elections to return to the Board of Directors as your new Vice President of Finance.

I am thankful that I was provided with the opportunity to engage and listen to the needs of the student body across all our campuses. It has been an incredible year serving on the Board of Directors and I want to continue to improve the services and initiatives that the SFSS provides for students.

As a 3rd year Business student concentrating in Finance and Management Information Systems, I have personally come across many challenges that a student faces in their university career. As the new Vice President of Finance, I plan to help students overcome these challenges to the best of my abilities.

The experiences outlined below have given me an invaluable perspective on how the governance works at SFU and I will work hard to ensure the voices of students are heard.

  • Business Faculty Representative and Board of Directors for the Simon Fraser Student Society
  • Member on the Financial Aid and Services, Granting, Events and Promotions and the
  • Commercial Services Committee for the Simon Fraser Student Society
  • Student Representative on the Senate Committee on Disciplinary Appeals Student
  • Representative on the University Committee for Excellence in Teaching Awards
  • Board of Advisers for the Business Administration Student Society (BASS)
  • Project Lead for the SFSS Emergency Food Bank program
  • Project Lead for the SFSS Holiday Breakfast
  • Director of Finance for the 2015 Fall Kickoff Concert
  • Outreach Assistant for the Simon Fraser Student Society
  • Events Assistant for Simon Fraser University
  • Founding member and Director of External Relations for Soap for Hope
  • Mentor for the BASS Mentorship Program

In the upcoming year, my platform focuses on three main points:

Financial support for student services

  • Update the outdated granting system to a new user-friendly software system so that grants are easier to access.
  • Improve the cheque requisition process for students and their organizations, so students do not have to wait for prolonged periods to be reimbursed for their purchases.
  • Support services and initiatives including: the Emergency Food Bank Program, the Recreational Pass access for all students, on campus events and more.

Efficient use of student dollars

  • Conduct a financial analysis on all the services provided by the SFSS.
  • Identify services that are losing money or not being used efficiently.
  • Formulate solutions working alongside the Executive Director and Managerial Staff.
  • Consolidate the line-items of independent departments to increase efficiency.

Accountability and transparency

  • As chair of the Financial Aid and Services Committee, I will hold bi-weekly meetings or monthly seminars for students who are interested in learning about the financials of the organization.
  • Share financial documents to members in easy-to-read documents so that all students are able to understand them.
  • Penalize Board members who are not completing their reports on time.

Thank you for taking the time to read my platform and hope you have a wonderful day!

-Hangue Kim