• Baljinder Bains (Brighter SFU)

Dear colleagues and friends,

My name is Baljinder Bains and I am running to be your Vice President of Finance in this year’s Simon Fraser Student Society (SFSS) election.

My journey at SFU started off, as it has for many of you, attending lectures and tutorials, balancing work with school, and trying to figure out how to utilize my degree to its full potential. I am now a 4th year business student concentrating in accounting. Having experienced the challenges and hardships faced by many students, as the VP of Finance, my goal will be to advocate for the interests of all students to the best of my abilities. During these past four years, I have had many opportunities, which can add great value to the role of VP of Finance.

The following are some of my past engagements:

  • CVITP Volunteer for SFU Accounting Student Association (ASA)
  • Vice President of Internal Relations for SFU Student Market Association (SFU SMA)
  • Internal Operations Coordinator for SMAckdown
  • Welcome Leader for SFU Welcome Day
  • Director of Internal Operations for Business Administration Student Society (BASS) FROSH
  • Career Peer Educator for SFU Career Services
  • Teaching Assistant for Beedie School of Business
  • Co-Founder of SFU Benevolent Association (BA)

If elected, as VP of Finance, my platform will consist of the following:

Reform the Granting Process

  • Establish objective criteria for granting approval
  • Communicate this criteria, regarding granting approval, to students, which will help them understand the decision-making factors
  • This process will allow organizations to better prepare grant applications, mitigate their risk of rejection, and overall, increase their access to stable funding

Increase Transparency

  • Hold seminars to inform students and increase their understanding of SFSS finances
  • Utilize easy to read formats to communicate financial information to all members

Disburse Funds Efficiently and Responsibly

  • Evaluate and analyze current budgets and financial statements
  • Eliminate non-value adding spending
  • Work with other members to ensure that allocated funds are utilized in the most efficient manner
  • Work with Executive Directors and managerial staff to establish strategies to achieve intended efficiency goals

My past engagements and my academic concentration allows me to posses the necessary skills and technical knowledge to fulfill the various financial and non-financial responsibilities of VP of Finance. I have dealt with high stake environments that require a lot of effort and diligence to exceed the expectations of stakeholders. Furthermore, as an accounting student, I have years of exposure in studying, analyzing, preparing, and communicating financial statements and budgets. My passion for helping fellow students, knowledge in accounting, and experience with school organizations make me an excellent fit for VP of Finance.

Thank you for taking your time to read my platform. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to contact me.

Email: bsbains@sfu.ca


  • Archit Bansal (Ideal)

Three and a half years ago, I left my home country in search of personal growth and development. Eager to meet new people with varied interests I went for every opportunity in front of me. Hard work and destiny brought me close to some amazing student leaders at SFU. Wanting to give back the love and support this student community has given to me I present myself to you as a candidate for the portfolio of VP Finance. Being I.D.E.A.L. is a state of mind: –

Inclusive– Strength of a community is derived from a collective effort to strive for growth. To pursue “inclusivity in diversity” I propose the following-

A) Sexual Violence and Misconduct Policy- Individuals irrespective of their gender have the right to feel safe at any SFU campus. Appropriating funds for an outreach campaign to achieve the same would be my utmost priority.

B) Extended support to New Clubs- New clubs need more financial support than established one’s. Thus, a “start-up” fund and greater provision of funds for audio/visual services would be proposed.

C) Equitable dispersion of funds- Funds would be distributed to organizations based on the number of active members and efforts towards self-sustainability with the help of the SFSS.

Decisive– Leaders elected by the students are entrusted to make tough and often ground breaking decisions. To create a “better future” projects listed below must be deliberated thoroughly-

A) Food and Beverage Services a.k.a. Highland Pub- Like many other students; Highland Pub is an essential part of my student experience. Unfortunately, it has a fluctuating level of deficit associated to it ($200,000 in 2016/17). Improving its revenues through aggressive marketing and finding alternative solutions is imperative.

B) Newly proposed Stadium project- Although, there isn’t sufficient public information on how the Board of Directors would fulfill this dream. I pledge to the athletics community that I will strive towards this goal to the best of my ability.

Engaged– New Board members are often hindered from pursuing their goals due to restrictions of a carried down budget. Change is on its way.

Welcome to the “Opportunity Engagement Fund” the answer to fulfill every student leader’s dreams, a 2-3% fund created from surplus of the budget for the year 2018-19. Allowing creative ideas of student leaders and the new Board to turn into realities.

Accountable– Enhancing transparency of resource utilization would improve the Boards efficacy to act as a trustworthy liaison.

A) Presentation of information- Introduction of “infographics” to make the budget and its components more accessible and easier to understand.

B) Greater Involvement of the Student Council- I will start providing quarterly reports to the council on the efficiency of how funds have been used versus the budgeted allocations.

Loyal– A great leader is always loyal to his ideas because they benefit not him but the people he serves.

Elect #Bansal4Finance cause I am I.D.E.A.L.

FB Event Page:


Complete platform:


For questions, suggestions and concerns contact me via –

E-mail: abansal@sfu.ca

Phone: 778-988-4586


  • Tawanda Masawi (Suavé)

Dear Friends,

My name is Tawanda Masawi and I am running to be your next Vice-President Finance of Simon Fraser Student Society (SFSS). I am extremely dedicated and passionate towards our student community and look forward to growing the SFSS in the coming year if elected as Vice-President Finance.

I want to enhance the bridge between the members of the SFSS and the board, through the adoption of initiatives that provide an active rather than the existing passive approach towards our members. This will provide an avenue for all members to clearly understand what is going on within the SFSS, and its finances as a whole. This is to a great extent a trust position. It is my vision to have the doorway dependably open to any individual who may require clarification or help.

The effective utilization of members funds is a recurring issue. I will strive to avoid situations in which the funds remain idle by using an “active approach”  as mentioned above to engage our members. Wastage of funds will only result in the decrease in the members experience and our short and long-term objectives will not be met, ultimately a loss! If elected the funds existent within the society will be critically reviewed from time to time and employed properly and effectively.

I am a hard working, results-oriented and open-minded individual who has learnt to value team work. If elected I will be entering my 3rd year at SFU and edging closer to a degree in Accounting. During this campaign I will be running on the mantra “By Students, For Students”.


  • Greater Vancouver Board of Trade – The Company of Young Professionals
  • Canada Revenue Agency – Community Volunteer Tax Program (CVITP)
  • PwC Certification – Data-driven Decision Making
  • Frontrvnners Streetwear Brand Ambassador
  • Global Model NATO Summit – Operations Policy Committee
  • UBC African Business Forum – Administrative Assistant
  • City of Surrey – Surrey Welcomes Refugees (SFU Ambassador)
  • SFU Residence Orientation Leader
  • SFSS Fall Kick-off Concert Volunteer.
  • SFSS Fall Kick-off Marketing Street team
  • SFU- Accounting Students Association (ASA)

If elected, my priorities upon entering office will include, but are not limited to the following

Improve Operational Efficiency

  • Create a more connected network throughout the SFSS departments
  • Support initiatives like: the Emergency Food Bank Program
  • Oversee the new RFP process for the Health and Dental Plan.

Improve Member Engagement and Transparency

  • Improve transparency regarding any significant financial decisions the board makes.
  • Enhance the bridge between the members of the SFSS and the board
  • Share financial documents to members so that all students are able to understand them.

Oversee the SUB and Stadium project

  • Development and monitoring of the expenses for the new SUB and Stadium.
  • The expenses are coming in so making sure that all the records and charges are in check will be important.

Risk assessment

  • Maximize opportunities and minimizing the SFSS risk potential.
  • Monitoring the environment for changes that affect the nature and the impact of the risk.

Thank you for reading my platform!

– Tawanda Masawi