Jeff McCann (mccann@sfu.ca)

My name is Jeff McCann and I am currently the President of the SFSS. As President, alarge part of my role is university relations. I have created strong relationships with SFUadministrators which has helped me accomplish many things in the last year.

I am never satisfied with the status quo and believe we need to have tangible changes with a focus on the things that concern students the most, such as facilities and student experience. I believe SFU can be a better place and I work towards that every day.

Together with other members of the Board of Directors, I have worked with administrators to make athletic games free, make the library 24 hours during exams, increase student spaces, and work towards a student union building. I am also the student representative on the SFU committee working towards the Fair Trade Campus designation and I have negotiated with the university to allow SFSS dance clubs to use SFU facilities free of charge.

During my term as President (2011-2012) and Treasurer before that (2010-2011), I created and oversaw the pub night sponsorship program which provided event subsidies for dozens of clubs and DSUs hosting events at the Highland. I began and have worked with the current University Relations Officer to add three new food vendors in the Maggie Benston Atrium cafeteria, which will be open by fall 2012. As URO I will continue to work towards increasing the fitness centre hours, especially on weekends. This is a negotiation that I have already started.
I have three main goals as URO which are a student union building, better campus food, and an improved student experience.

Student Union Building
Create the student space SFU truly needs. I will develop and implement a student consultation process and hire a project manager to ensure all students have their say for the next five years of project development. I will ensure the process attracts and proactively seeks the opinions of students to ensure that this building lives up to expectations.

Better Campus Food
Increase options, quality, and hours. I will sit on the Food Services Advisory Committee to advocate for students interests. I will work with the university to develop a comprehensive campus food plan so that the university realizes we don’t need another sandwich shop. With this plan, I will ensure the food vendors that the SFSS adds in the Maggie Benson Centre reflect the diverse interests of students.

Improved Student Experience
Make it easier to book university space and host campus events. I will simplify procedures and voice the day to day interests of students such as course access, laptop plug-ins, and quality study spaces. It should be easier to book a space for a meeting or event at all three campuses. I will make sure that when opportunities for university committees, consultations, or focus groups come up, students know about them and use them as a way to make their voice heard.

Thank you and I hope that you will support me for another term as an executive officer of the Simon Fraser Student Society.
If you have any questions or want to chat about ways to make the campus better, please email me at mccann@sfu.ca.

Aleks Besan

Hello SFU! My name is Aleks Besan and I am a third-year International Studies Major with a Minor in English and an intended Certificate in African Studies. My decision to run for the position of University Relations Officer under the Renew SFU slate is motivated by my desire to reinvigorate student engagement with their student society. I am both passionate and knowledgeable about our campus community, having been widely involved with groups including SFPIRG, CJSF 90.1 FM, Fair Trade Vancouver-SFU, and the Dzaleka Project. As an elected Board member of the Simon Fraser Public Interest Research Group (SFPIRG), I have had experience governing a student-driven organization, strategizing over programming direction, as well as facilitating HR processes with both legal and union engagement. I have also dealt with the issue of space over SFPIRG’s lease agreement with the SFSS. Further, I have seen the fruitful dedication of students driven enough to pilot their own action groups and insist on collaborative learning opportunities. Realizing this level of engagement with the SFSS – your student society — is what propels me to run for URO.
My aim is to approach services with the diversity of our student population in mind, registering fully the difference of experience and needs present for each student when accessing housing, health services, facilities, counselling support, parking and transit needs, purchasing a meal, and so on. I am committed to inclusion and anti-oppression, student interest above all else, and a relatable student government that is transparent, creative, and inviting to varying levels of involvement and student ideas.
As URO, I plan to address
– Supporting the idea of a Student Union Building with wide student input, taking time for thorough consultation prior to construction
– Boosting the Pub as student space and a hub for SFU activity
– When introducing vendors to campus, consider sustainability from two angles — both in terms of healthy food options and the viability/longevity of each business within a university setting.
– Addressing accessibility needs (for example: with continued bathroom renovations, support more unisex bathroom options).
– Improving policy regarding existing joint university-SFSS services, prioritizing student concerns and recognizing affordability challenges
– Increasing services to clubs, DSUs, and student groups and encouraging collaboration between them
– Amplifying Rotunda SFSS services, providing assistance such that they can reach increasing amounts of students.
– Acknowledging the existing SFSS services on campus that have been serving students for many years. Fortifying these services, always with attention to ameliorating trusted sources of help and service by filling any gaps that may exist
By voting for me, you are choosing to think outside the box on how your student society can work better to serve your unique interests and aspirations for a vibrant university experience and community. By voting for me, you are voting to Renew SFU.