Sarah Flodr

humza khan president My name is Sarah-Sophia Flodr, I am currently a fourth year undergraduate Student in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and am running to become the VP University Relations for your student society at SFU.

I believe I am a great fit for VP University Relations as I have been on SFU Senate for two terms now and will start my third term in May, providing me with the knowledge on how this university is run. Additionally, my many different roles and involvements at SFU that I experienced throughout the last three years make me a well-rounded person, which I understand is also of importance for this position. As a student, TA, Club President and undergraduate Student Senator I understand the values important for a better university for SFU students from many different angles. Through these experiences I gained a lot of skills, like taking responsibility, being reliable and being very organized.

I am part of the slate: Accountability, Community, Excellence (Ace 2014) and we are a group of motivated individuals who have a shared vision to collectively strive:

  1. To hold ourselves to the highest level of accountability in all of our dealings as elected representatives of SFU’s undergraduate student body.
  2. To continue to build a strong sense of community on campus by hosting the highest calibre events possible for our students and supporting student-led initiatives that align with the vision of building
  3. To set the example for student societies across North America, by exceeding the standard and providing excellence in all aspects of the Simon Fraser Student Society’s mandate as listed in the Constitution.

As the VP University Relations I want to ensure to make your SFU experience the best it can be. A few of my points that would achieve that include:

Improved Student Involvement

I will emphasize and improve student involvement and with that a sense of a close community and school spirit. SFU’s slogan revolves around engagement and I feel it is key to provide students with the possibility to become involved. Transparency makes this possible, as this would help students understand our university better and thus easily discover great opportunities. I plan to communicate what the University is doing to our members so they are more informed and I will always be available to look into students’ concerns and provide answers to any questions students may have regarding the University.

Support BuildSFU

I will work closely with the Build SFU Team to guarantee that the project will continue to run smoothly and therefore results in the fulfilment of increased student space in an efficient and sustainable manner. To support my aim, I would increase funds for this project through corporate sponsorships so less of the financial burden is placed on students’ wallets.

More Enrollment Openings

An issue faced by many students is being unable to enroll in the courses they need in order to graduate when they plan. Convocation is held off for many by a semester or two, if not more, because these students are unable to take mandatory classes to meet their requirements. If elected to this position, I would work with the University to increase the openings of these classes so that students do not have to hold off on graduating because they could not get into that one course they need in order to do so. I also envision working with the registrar’s office to give priority to students who are in greatest need of those classes. A fourth year student taking a required class to graduate should be given priority over a third year student taking the very same class as an elective.

Longer Library Hours

Library hours are just way too short, especially for those who work or just simply have a busy schedule and want to have a study space available. While library hours during finals are open 24/7, closing hours are 11:45 pm during the week and 10 pm on the weekends. Whereas the Belzberg library closes at 10 pm, Mondays through Thursdays, at 7 pm on Fridays and Saturdays and Sundays at 5pm, and it gets even worse. The Fraser Library closes at 9 pm during the week, at 6 pm on Fridays, 5 pm Saturdays and is closed on Sundays.
Library hours should be extended to fulfill the needs of students during midterm and paper times, which requires longer hours throughout the semester. If elected I will work to extend these hours so students have a place to study on campus that is readily available, and not only during finals.

Critical issues that arose last year were accountability and organization. These are very important concerns as an organization can only work effectively and efficiently if the basic stepping stones are set. Only then, when our student society has a stable team with these characteristics, it is possible to achieve greater accomplishments.

Thank you for taking the time to read my platform. I hope I will have the chance to carry out my goals and work with you for a better SFU. Please feel free to contact me about concerns, suggestions or questions at sflodr@sfu.ca or at 778 321 3244.

Clay J. Gray

humza khan president My name is Clay J. Gray, I am entering the final year of my criminology degree. My time at SFU has been filled with a wide variety of experiences, some good and some not so good but all have contributed to who I am today. The reasons I am running for the Vice President of University Relations is because this University has given me so many opportunities and I feel a duty to create as many opportunities for my fellow students. The best way I can think to give back is by putting my efforts into the student society.
If elected to this position I will work to accomplish several things:

  • Repairing relationships between the SFSS Board of Directors and the staff members of the society. I feel that one of the greatest resources in our society is the human potential that exists within every one of our staff members. To date I feel that this resource is also largely untapped and my plan to harbor this resource is to suggest the society shutdown for a one or two-day, organization-wide team building workshop.
  • During my term, one of the most frustrating items has been the scheduling of meetings. As this organization’s operations are largely based around meetings, the constant rescheduling, the shifting of dates and times wears on even the most enthusiastic member. In order to address this I propose that at the very least we create a fixed day and time for all future Board meetings
  • One of the toughest issues many student face is that of financial concerns, most of us need to work while we attend university. For some of us we are able to work or take on loans so that we can meet all of our food and shelter needs. However, there is a segment of our student body that are unable to address these basic needs, whether their circumstances are due to an unforeseen crisis or systemic disadvantages we have a duty to ensure that no student goes hungry. To date the society has tackled the disappointing news of the University dropping the ball on student hunger by closing the doors of their food bank with remarkable results: initially the university extended their food bank for one semester and the society simultaneously launch a foodvoucher program. I feel that the University has the ability to address student hunger in a more meaningful and less stigmatizing way than ever imagined, through a needs-based programthat grants students access to residential cafeteria.
  • If my experience over this past year has taught me anything at all, it has taught me that is the University loves policy. However, with all the demands placed on the University it seems to forget about some of the policies it has in place. As the Vice-President of University Relations I feel that one of my primary responsibilities is to hold the University accountable for the policies and strategic plans it publishes.

Moe Kopahi

Hello Everyone,
humza khan president
My name is Moe Kopahi and I am the current Member Services Officer at Simon Fraser Student Society, finishing my third term on the board .As my last academic year approaches at SFU, I have decided to run for the Position of VP-University Relations. After dealing with some of the duties of VP-University Relations (since the position this year has been vacant), I noticed the importance of this position within the board and I am confident that I can take on this role and exceed the expectations of this portfolio. let me tell you a bit of what I have been up to in the past year at the SFSS:

  1. As the Member Services Officer (MSO) I have been acting as a liaison between the SFSS and student groups (Clubs and Departmental Student Unions) on campus. I have gladly done what is in my ability to help student groups on campus and shall continue doing the same if elected.
  2. As MSO I worked closely with StudentCare and Extended Health and Dental Plan Committee. It always bugged me how limited our Health and Dental Plan was, hence I brought up the idea of introducing more options for Health and Dental plan (right now it is known as the Enhanced Plan) and at the same time keeping the basic plan for those students who are satisfied with the current one.
  3. As promised in the past election, I advocated the increase of collaboration within clubs and DSUs on events. This year I had the pleasure of chairing the SFSS Events Committee and worked closely with student groups to initiate and improve activities on campus, such as:
    • Successful Pub Nights (Welcome Back, Oktoberfest, Halloween, Hawaiian, and etc)
    • Departmental and Faculty wide Frosh events
    • Fundraisers such as Comedy for a Cause, Typhoon Relief, and Relay 4 Life

As the VP-University Relations, I will pursue the following tasks:

  • Student Space improvement:
    By working with VP-Student Life, I will gather information about student spaces on campus, especially common rooms, and how we can help to improve them. These improvements would include the condition of the rooms and the appliances provided to the members in that area. I will advocate for these improvements to the SFSS as well as the respective SFU departments.
  • Improvement on Services:
    By Working with the future VP-Student Services, I would like to re-launch the SFU Nighline, which is a great project for the students at SFU. Imagine if you can call someone at the time of stress and just talk to them! Pretty good eh? Well unfortunately this program has been stopped due to lack of support from SFU and Health and Counselling Services. I will work closely with the respective parties to re-launch this project.
  • Increase faculty wide communication:
    I will work closely with every Faculty Representatives on the board to introduce and motivate the collaboration between Departmental Student Unions and their respective faculty members. My goal is to increase the communication within the faculty and the respective student unions.
  • Build SFU:
    I will provide support for the Build SFU by maintaining my involvement within this project.
  • Improve Communication:
    Another unfinished project that I would like to wrap up is a central communication system on
    campus. Reaching out to students and informing them of what is happening on campus has been a very difficult task as there is no central system. In the past year, supported by the Accessibility Fund Advisory Committee, I worked on the idea of installing multiple screens around SFU campuses that promote events and other services to students. This project is unfinished due to not having a University Relations Officer this year, but the good news is that the momentum is still there and SFU has shown interest in pursuing this project with the SFSS, I would like to finish and implement this project as your next VP-University Relations.
  • SFSS Support:
    I will provide support and training for the upcoming VPs of these positions to gain the maximum efficiency and results for their term of office.

I want to thank you for voting me in as your Member Services Officer last year, and I hope I lived up to the standards that I set back then. I hope I have the opportunity to serve the SFU Community as the incoming VP-University Relations this year and make remarkable changes within our school!

Please email me (mka54@sfu.ca) if you have any questions or would like to get to know me better!

Your support is greatly appreciated