Lia Fallah

Hello everyone,

My name is Lia Fallah, I am an independent candidate, running to be your VP University Relations in the Simon Fraser Student Society in this years elections.Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 4.30.56 PM
let me tell you a little bit about myself. I moved to Canada 4 years ago from Iran and that was when I found out how passionate I am about dancing. Not having the opportunity to join a dance class or even learning it in Iran drew me into sports such as Gymnastics and basketball which I have received medals (for each). Therefore, after I finally found a chance here I joined an Azerbaijani dance group in 2011 and started my solo dances in 2012. I was invited to dance for CBC News Canada for the Persian New year and Represent the Persian Culture through my dances. What I have always been super passionate about is to bring peace through my dances. So I moved further to expand on learning different folk dances on my own. I did Ballet and Jazz for a year and that gave me an idea of how to teach dance to the students and got me familiar with the teaching methods in Canada. Then I started my very first dance club in high school which was active for 2 years until I graduated. We performed different dances at Port Moody Youth Arts Festival and I was one of the top 5 participants among 40 overall because of my well­rounded personality; and my group became first in the competition. Being involved in the community taught me a lot about how to be a good leader and what it actually means to be a good representative. Since 2012, I have been volunteering with multiple charity organizations and many more such as : S.U.C.C.E.S.S , The Tri­Cities, The Polish dance communities, Cif­BC, Pardis Charity Community, and etc. For some of the organizations , it wasn’t only dance performance. I have also played guitar and piano at different events and I participated in my first music concert in 2014. During that time I realized the importance of peace and what it is like to be a leader.I then started my own dance group in June 2013. In my dances, I always combine different styles ,for example “ The Harmony of East and West” is the name of one my dances in which I have combined the Eastern and Western dance styles , yet you can see a contrast. My goal is to show that although each dance is very different, but when different styles come together they make a bigger picture and have more influence. I also joined a Polish dance group which got me really into different European dance styles and I’ve been volunteering for different Polish organizations and events since last year, both in a group and as a solo dancer.

In terms of my involvement on campus, I have been heavily involved with the SFU Iranian Club, SFU Camping club and SFU Canucks Fan Club, to the extent of my ability, I have been trying to increase my involvement, and hence this year I am running for the SFSS VP­University Relations position!

Now that you know about my background, let me tell you about what my platform includes:

  • Build SFU Consultation: As the VP­University Relations sits on the Build SFU Steering Committee and the Joint Steering committee, I would like to voice student concerns over the project through transparent and massive consultation before the project goes ahead with the construction phase. I understand that the current board will be creating a web survey regarding Build SFU and shall send it to all students of SFU, on that I would like to help the team create more outreach initiatives regarding the concerns around the SUB vs the Stadium, Satellite campuses (Surrey and Vancouver) participation in the process and the currently existing Levy. As a Burnaby student I see the value of this project but I believe this mass consultation is an essential key for this project to move forward, if the students agree!
  •  Space improvement: Currently a project is taking place in renovating two spaces of the Surrey campus by the current VP University Relations and other Board members, in collaboration with the Surrey Campus Committee, which is GREAT! I would like to also look into renovation of the DSU (Departmental Student Union) common rooms (or simply just adding some touches and furnitures)! The Space Expansion Fund is a levy that all students pay for every semester and it barely gets used. I like to start the initiative with the board and other interested community stakeholders (such as the undergraduate students) to help improve DSU common rooms, using the SPACE fund. I understand that this fund is meant to be for society spaces and DSU common rooms belong to SFU, but I am sure we can collaborate with SFU to achieve the common goal of helping our students.

Engage the Administration

In my opinion, there is huge gap between the students and the administration of our University. How are we supposed to engage the world if we are not an engaged community ourselves? If elected I will aim at working closely with the clubs, DSUs and other student groups on campus to include some of the SFU admin in the events and working groups to show them the student side of story. A lot of work goes into our events, campaigns and working groups that get ignored by the University because they simply do not see it, and vice versa! I believe communication is the main key here to increase our internal engagement in all of our Campuses!

On the secondary priority list, I would like to focus on the mould issue in our residences, keep on improving the food bank program and keep expanding it and making it more available into other campuses, allocate more study space to students during exam times, as well as support the rest of the Board of Directors in the projects they like to pursue in the year of 2015/2016.

Thank you very much for taking time and reading my platform, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or simply like to get to know me better!

Your Candidate, Your School, Your vote
Lia Fallah ­ Vp University Relations Candidate

Ali Najaf

MISSION: Develop an engaged, transparent and accountable foundation for sustainable community building.

Dear SFU Students,

My name is Ali Najaf, I am a 3rd- year Business student and elected Senator, I am running to become VP University Relations for Simon Fraser Student Society to voice your opinion to SFU Administration. Not only do I embody school spirit, I believe in our movement.

I have been an extremely active student within the faculty, residence, student clubs as well as the greater campus community.

Selected Experience at SFU:

  • SFU Senator

  • McTaggart Cowan Hall Representative for Residence Hall Association.

  • Community Advisor at SFU Residence.

  • Commissioner, Independent Electoral Commission, SFSS.

  • External Relations Coordinator UNICEF SFU and Enactus SFU

  • Elected as Vice President Communication, Pakistan Student Association

  • Member Student Advisory Committee, Build SFU.

  • Member Granting Committee SFSS

  • Member Student Space Oversight Committee

  • Member SFSS Council

If elected as a VP University, I will:

  • Work for the establishment of Vancouver Campus Committee as well extending operations to Vancouver Campus like Photocopy Center.

  • Work with campus partners like SFU Ancillary Services, International Services for Students (ISS), SFU Recreation Department and others in order to create more resources for the clubs to be utilized.

  • Work alongside other SFSS Directors to strengthen the relationship with SFU Community to increase engagement between all campuses.

  • Provide students with the opportunities to be more involved in the decision- making process by consulting with them on the issues and things they want to improve.

  • Work towards improving and upgrading of the common rooms and places under SFSS jurisdiction.

Improved Student Space —- Engaged SFU—Improved Communication

I am passionate and have past experience to support and work on the points listed above. Since my first semester, I am involved in various projects here in SFU Community and I want to serve you to make your experience better. If you have any questions about my past experience or my goals, please email me at anajaf@sfu.ca

If you think I can be your voice, Please vote.

Ally Van Poa Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 1.09.48 AM

Hello! I hope classes are going well for you. If not, then hakuna matata!

I am Ally Van Poa and I am running in this election for you!

I have been an SFU student for over three years now and I have dedicated an enormous amount of time volunteering to make the community a better place.

I believe that I can contribute greatly in making Simon Fraser University a stronger and more compassionate place, for both domestic and international students.

It is time for us to rise up and ask the tough questions! As a journalist with undying love for the truth, I want to know the answers to these questions:

Why are we having less than 10% of our fellow students decide who gets in power in the SFSS?

Why is the university tolerating this madness?

Why should the efforts of a dedicated good few be thwarted because ‘their complete slate did not win’?

As your University Relations Officer, I will burn the midnight oil (yes, I do still use an oil lamplight) to ensure exceptional relations between the student society and the university.

A few things that I will look into are the following:

I want to examine the title that we hold so dear: Top Comprehensive University in Canada.

What does this even mean? I want to see in what ways can we be The Most Concise University. We can all ramble on and on about everything and anything, but we can also focus our strengths in being a better caring university and help the thousands among us who need better mental health support. We need to have a university that provides more support for staff who risk their mental health by caring and managing high risk student situations. We don’t need to be a university with high suicide rates. We need to ensure resiliency in our student community because students receive pressures from all imaginable sources – parents, peers, professors, program requirements etc.

I want to push SFU to provide better transition support for incoming students each semester that connects to the community. We have a variety of people that come in from different schools and colleges all across the world. Let’s make sure that we consider their suggestions too in making a better student community.

And lastly, we don’t need to build new buildings around campus. We need to better maintain the ones we have. Most importantly, we need to paint this gloomy and depressing campus! The joke about us studying in prison can only go so far before it starts to get real and people start losing their purpose in life.

Most importantly, I am striving for amazing communication between students and the University. I will be working a minimum of 70 hours a week so that our voices as SFU students are being heard. I hope you vote in this elections! I really hope.

Now bring me that horizon,

Ally Van Poa

Brady WallaceScreen Shot 2015-03-12 at 1.06.11 AM

My name is Brady Wallace and I am the current Arts and Social Sciences Representative on the SFSS. I am looking to continue my involvement on the student society and serve as your next Vice President University Relations.

As listed below, I tried to keep my platform as real as possible. You will not find lofty promises of free tuition, or some grand proposal to make the Highland pub profitable. Rather my platform consists of a series of tangible promises I believe are appropriate to the role of Vice President University Relations.

Cost Savings for YOU!

Undergraduate students are not cash cows. Thus, the student society needs to do a better job of reducing costs to students where possible. One campaign that I am currently co-leading is the BC Open Textbook Campaign. With the capacity to save students hundreds of dollars on course materials a semester, I look forward to expanding on my current efforts and encouraging more professors to adopt open textbooks and other free educational resources.

Better Service for Our Surrey and Vancouver Students

Addressing and recognizing the wants and needs of the SFU Surrey and Vancouver students is one in which past SFSS Boards have failed to act on. In conversations with many Surrey students, a persistent issue is the lack of ‘service’ which exists on Sundays. By having the Fraser library opened on Sundays, greater study spaces will be available for students who utilize the campus on Sundays. Regarding the Vancouver campus, I hope to work closely with past and future FCAT representatives to better understand what the society can do to serve these students. One avenue I am excited to explore is the implementation of screens at our Harbour Centre and Woodwards campuses. This will serve as a means to better inform our membership on relevant workshops, events and consultation hosted by the student society.

A More Environmentally Friendly SFSS

I hope to use my position as a means of communication between SFSS staff and management as well as the University’s Sustainability Office to better align the student society to SFU’s Zero-Waste mandate. By adding clauses to existing vendor agreements, we can ensure that the SFSS is committed to phasing out Styrofoam and other landfill bound packaging materials. It is also a priority of mine to have a representative from the Board participate in SFU’s Zero Waste Committee. As a coalition bringing together all University stake holders, the student society can play an active role in shaping waste policies on campus.

Mentorship of Incoming Board Members

As a current Faculty Representative on the SFSS, I aim to use my experiences from the past eleven months to help the incoming FARM members in the adjustment to their new roles. I plan on achieving this through being the Executive member named to the Faculty and At-Large Representative Committee, as well as assist in the planning and execution of the Board orientation process.

Continued Support for the Build SFU Project

Based on past experiences with SFU’s Student Health Advisory Committee as well as SFU’s Task Force on Flexible Education, it is clear that the construction of new student space is the solution to many concerns of students. As continued support for Build does entail greater costs for all SFU students, it is crucial that the student society continue to look into more ways in which all SFSS members will benefit.

While this list is not exhaustive, it does identify my top priorities for the upcoming year. For more information regarding my campaign, please visit bit.ly/vote4BRADY or e-mail me at bradyw@sfu.ca. Lastly I would just like to thank you for taking the time to make an informed decision regarding the future of student governance at SFU.

Let’s make this change together #vote4BRADY