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Arr Farah

Picture of Arr Farah

Picture of Arr Farah

My name is Arr Farah, and I am Political Science Major. I have spent my last year at SFU serving as your Arts and Social Sciences Representative on the student society’s Board. I’m excited to be running for VP University Relations, as this position requires experience, professionalism, and an in depth understanding of both the SFSS and university administration. These are all qualities that I believe have been demonstrated through my work at the SFSS, and are reflected through my platform and campaign.

If elected, my priorities will include, but are not limited to the following key points:

Changes to Serve YOU Better:

As Chair of the Society’s Governance Committee I have been a huge advocate and leader in ensuring the society changes the way it operates, starting with governance. As VP University Relations I want to continue leading this work.

Improved Academic Experience  

The student society in recent years has focused on event planning, although this is an important aspect of student life, there is much more the society can offer in addition.

  • #TextbookBrokeBC: I will use the position of VP UR to approach various bodies of the university such as; the Dean of libraries and the Faculty Association to advocate for the adoption of open source material.
  • Fraser Library Open on Sunday: I will continue to advocate for the opening of the Fraser library in Surrey on Sundays, and work with SFU’s VP External to achieve this goal.
  • Student Wellbeing: I will advocate the university to revamp its Health & Counselling Services. As well as work to increase awareness of the society’s Health and Dental insurance plan.
  • I will hold the society to its commitment, to explore potential Sexual Assault Support and Prevention services and work with all relevant stakeholders to ensure that the SFU community is properly supported.  

Study Space:

  • For Surrey: I will not only work to get the Fraser library open, but also the renovation of all society spaces.
  • For Vancouver: I will use the established relationship that exists between the society and the Vancouver campus administration to find a way to provide students with more space at Harbour Centre.

Collaborate with the SFSS President & VP External Relations:

With the VP External Relations, we will work to achieve the following:

  • A strategic plan for tackling the maintenance of SFU Buildings.
  • Divestment from fossil fuels.
  • Provincial lobbying, with a Provincial election looming the student society should be lobbying with other student societies and non-profits.


With the Build SFU project well underway, and construction scheduled to begin this summer. I will work to ensure that students are provided with regular updates on the status of the project, which will be communicated on all platforms (i.e Facebook, Twitter, emails)

Thank you for taking the time to read my platform and please make an informed decision.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, I am available by email at afarah@sfu.ca

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