• Erwin Kwok (Brighter SFU)

My name is Erwin Kwok and I am a Criminology Major. Years of volunteering convinced me that meaningful change requires strengthening SFU-SFSS relationships while prioritizing SFSS members. In fact, I am confident in my ability to negotiate with SFU on your behalf. Some roles I participated in this year include:

SFU Health and Counselling Services’ (HCS) Health Peers, Student Health Committee, and Hi-Five groups

SFU Dining Services’ RFP committee SFSS representative

sexual violence prevention as an SFU Active Bystander

policy assistant for the SFSS CRPC

Committee member on SFSS Advocacy and Strategic Engagement Committees

If elected, my priorities include, but are not limited to:

Enhancing your wellbeing

Given my work with SFU HCS and SFSS, I am aware of the complications they experience and how to aid them in supporting students.

  • Fund support: SFU’s HCS receives more student appointments than they can service, resulting in multi-week waitlists. Resolutions require more staff and/or resources. Directly or indirectly, I will advocate for allotting funds to HCS or increase funding towards health promotion initiatives such as Hi-Five Mental Health.
  • Zero sexual violence: Sexual assault support/prevention services remain in-progress. I will hold SFSS committed to this and cooperate with SFU’s Active Bystander Network.
  • Tank farm safety: This year’s Board focused on directing student concerns to Parliament. Co-leading with VP External, I will urge SFU to message Kinder Morgan to hasten safety plans.

Student savings

Although free tuition isn’t possible, I can commit to reducing costs in at least these ways:

  • Open-Source Textbooks: In any given semester, textbooks/supplies cost hundreds of dollars notwithstanding tuition. I will leverage my position to continue discussions with the Faculty Association, SFU Administration, and SFU Ancillary Services to use open-source or lower-cost materials.
  • Affordable meals plan: Whether regarding meal plans for students on residence or dining options across campus, I will enter discussions with SFU Dining Services and Sodexo for lower-cost selections.

Improving Academic Experience

Burnaby, Vancouver, and Surrey campuses have similar academic and social problems to varying degrees.

  • Surrey spaces: Space expansion at this campus is approved but progress is halted. I will advocate for more space from the University for expanding SFSS services.
  • Build SFU: Burnaby campus is the largest but study and social space is still lacking. I will consult student groups regarding how remaining unassigned Student Union Building space should be used.
  • Vancouver renovations: Insufficient study space remains unresolved and renovations are suspended indefinitely. I will propose re-entering discussions with SFU.
  • Student presence: SFU is often considered a ‘commuter-campus’. Many students do not realize multiple events occur daily. I will assess ways to disseminate information and continue SFSS’ website revisions. Additionally, I will coordinate with SFU’s Student Services and Student Engagement on larger-scale events.

Voting for me demonstrates my platform issues concern you. SFSS cannot prioritize everything, but you can make a difference and ensure at least these issues are addressed by voting Erwin Kwok for University Relations. Please direct questions/comments to erwink@sfu.ca or 604-729-8866.