Kayode Fatoba

humza khan president
Prior to coming to SFU, I received the biggest scholarship in Canada worth $70,000. This was because I invested my time and energy into community engagement during Highschool. I built an Hospital in Nigeria, started a soccer program which I funded out­of­ pocket for more than 70 kids in Toronto, and worked with the Police Department to combat the negative stereotypes between them and the Jane and Finch community. My dream then was to change the world. It still is.

In my first year, I started Peace Day, while there had never been a concert SFU before, I took on the initiative of developing SFU’s first concert in Convocation Mall as the final part of the campus wide event. The obstacle I ran into were tremendous but I accomplished them. I was short 5,000, K’NAAN did not perform. Though the show still went on, I had to live with the regret. I was the topic of discussion for the front page to the back of the entire issue of the Peak? writers either blaming K’Naan for not performing or blaming me. Though I invested $10,000 of my own funds into this initiative, the worst feeling was not quite ending the concert with a bang as I imagined! From that concert to now, a lot has changed. There are now concerts at SFU, President Humza Khan also worked hard to put on the second concert in Convo mall, which was even better. I  volunteered my time and efforts with it as best as I could. My platform is not based on bigger concerts, merely that I support them. I get involved with numerous clubs and was part of SFU Athletics, I volunteered my time with Aids Awareness Network, Canucks Autism Network, WUSC, Dzaleka Project and even developed initiatives of my own. Seeing the growth of the African community on campus, I initiated the African Students Association and brought together the student leaders who would help me bring this idea to life. We were able to develop numerous events for the community. The transition of the new executives turned into the current executives making the Africa In Dialogue Conference event much bigger than we had put on. I decided to get involved with The Peak as a writer, and started learning about numerous issues I was interested in. I researched what it took to bring Alcohol on Campus, how Civil War affected international students, and how we can aid these students transition into the community, I co­founded a startup company called Sky Nation Systems Inc. and got accepted into Venture Connections, where I was able to employ extremely intelligent students at SFU. I developed Vancouver’s Largest Yacht Event called the Luck Lady IV, and also Founded and became President of the Business Fraternity on Campus called Alpha Kappa Psi. Through it we were able to join the Greek Community in developing a foundation of enhancing SFU’s Greek Life. We put on numerous Charity Events and developed workshops like “Speak Up,” where we were able to teach students about Public Speaking, as well as a “Rock, Paper, Scissors” fundraiser, with proceeds going towards Anti­Bullying Awareness Week.  I also founded and am currently the Creative Director of SFU’s first Fashion Week, which has become a tremendous addition to our University Community. I’m involved in academic governance as a Senator and volunteering my time with the Spring Send Off Concert. I’ve been involved in numerous events on campus and work hard to not only promote the initiatives of other students by either selling tickets, or offering my services as best as I can. Student life to me is the glue that shapes our community, my vision for bringing us together can only start with individuals believing in me. My words might not be perfect, but my vision and action will always get the job done.


Events are an important part of developing school spirit and engaging the student body. As Chair of the events committee my goal is to sponsor major student events to raise the profile of the SFSS and to engage the student life. We need to make our services more vivid to the student body. Partner with SFU Engagement Fund so there is more support for clubs organizing quality events. Organize Large Scale Concerts with collaboration from more clubs. Work with Advocacy to mobilize student against increase in Tuition. Have Pep Rallies. Start Sex Week with Health and Counseling. Celebrate milestones with students at orientation, develop more activities for the Week of Welcome. Promote SFU Talent, DJs Artists and develop Career Fairs. Help students who want to start events to understand the sustainability of their events and have a plan for thoughtfully addressing the areas that make the most sense? committing, understanding,planning, implementing, and reporting.


Develop criteria based funding (cultural funds for PSA, ASA, CAC e.t.c for integrating international students). Partner with SFU’s Engagement Fund, International Student Center, and other avenues on campus to provide funding and resources for clubs that meet specific criteria, since the extra funding is available. Increase corporate sponsorships with the SFSS, which could potentially benefit the student body. My goal is to promote clubs who are able to make profit to reinvest those funds into the SFSS(Holding) with interest, rather than the funds sitting in club’s bank accounts.


Work with the International Service for Students to foster an avenue where they can utilize the International clubs as support for International Students. The African Students Association currently provides support to new African Student, WUSC already go as far as picking these students up at the airport. As Tuition rates are increasing, it’s vital that we have a more integrated support system for students who might be having a difficult time transitioning. Through sponsorships, we can have discounted events where we take International students to experience Vancouver.


Improved communication with satellite organization, enhance the SFSS website to promote more traffic from the student body. Making a social platform that allows students to trade items, search for housing, check out amazing deals that SFSS is offering (SFSS GROUPON), have promotional giveaways, and develop a newsletter system that shows what is going on around the campuses. We can offer skills workshop for students and empower the community for social change through food drives, sandwich drives and much more. Add an easy to use job postings page onto the SFSS website, which also adds more traffic to the website.


Work to make sure the value of our Student Cards increase by developing discount programs with businesses. This allows us to get more for our dollars when going to different places to shop.

Blossom Malhan

humza khan president
Top of the morning to you, if you are reading this I would like to thank you for taking interest in your student society. My name is Blossom Malhan and I am a second year Arts student planning on majoring in International Studies with a business minor and a language certificate in French. SFU Surrey was where I first fell in love with our university and got involved in the Simon Fraser Student Society as chief officer of Surrey Campus Committee. As chief officer I have hosted the “welcome back BBQ”, pub nights, pancake breakfast and de-stressing weeks with the Surrey Campus Committee. These events are a great hit but time and again I have talked to students who want more than just food and pub nights from their student society.

Students want parties, yes, but they also want lower textbook prices, valuable volunteer and work experience in the real world, and accessible, to the point information on things like why they’re paying around 200 dollars on health and dental plan and what its benefits are to them. After hearing this I thought to myself all I have to do is create opportunities for my fellow students to be able to access information and resources and problem solved! I must admit I failed miserably not because our university doesn’t have the resources but because it was near impossible to connect one student group to another or get faculties and staff working together to help students. Yes, I am a bit of a dreamer but we are a 30 000 student strong university, we have many valuable clubs and resources but the main challenge I and many other students are facing is a divided, unconnected university which creates many difficulties in accessing resources or creating a functioning vibrant community that I know we are.

At Surrey Campus I am changing this as you read this sentence. As chief officer at Surrey I am working with the Surrey campus Committee in hosting a campus wide Idea exchange where all student groups, DSUs, faculties, administration and surrey campus staff are meeting to connect and discuss how great SFU is, what can be improved and how we can help each other reach our goals together. But I will not stop with Surrey Campus; the student society is for the students of all campuses and if elected I will:

  1. Create strong functioning networks between Faculties, Departmental Student Unions and Clubs
    • Approach other societies and clubs and ask how we can help them and what their student groups want
      to see happen at SFU.
    • Listen to individual students and create opportunities whether they are more real world volunteer work, standing up at rallies for what students believe in or simply having themed pub nights.
  2. Provide an accessible and a transparent student society that serves the needs of SFU students
    • Create a more welcoming environment where students are able to approach the society for any and every reason and are able to easily access our services.
    • Any questions you have, I will do my absolute best to get you the answers
  3. Reach out and unite our campuses
    • Host events that are not always Burnaby central.
    • Take resources and information to different campuses so those who don’t bus up the mountain still have complete access to everything that the student society has to offer

As a student I feel some things need to be changed and I am ready to take on that challenge because I have the passion and determination to be the voice of SFU students. If elected I will rigorously and responsibly carry out my duties as Vice President Student Life. If you’re still reading this, you are a trooper, thank you for your support!

Patrick Popa

ACE 2014
Accountability, Community, Excellence.

We are a group of motivated individuals who have a shared vision to collectively strive:
1. To hold ourselves to the highest level of accountability in all of our dealings as elected representatives of SFU’s undergraduate student body.

2. To continue to build a strong sense of community on campus by hosting the highest calibre events possible for our students and supporting student-led initiatives that align with the vision of building

3. To set the example for student societies across North America, by exceeding the standard and providing excellence in all aspects of the Simon Fraser Student Society’s mandate as listed in the Constitution.

humza khan presidentMy name is Patrick Popa and I am a second year Political Science and History student at Simon Fraser University. I’m running for the newly created position of Vice-President Student Life in the Simon Fraser Student Society. In this position I will be responsible for building school spirit at SFU.

In the past year I’ve been involved in helping organizing the majority of the events that the SFSS has hosted: Halloween all ages party, Welcome Back pub night, Fall kick-off Concert, Oktoberfest, SFU’s Got Talent, Typhoon Haiyan Relief BBQ Fundraiser. Currently I’m part of the organizing team for the Spring Sendoff Concert. In addition to helping with organizing events, I sit on the SFSS’s Financial and Administrative Services Committee and regularly attending other SFSS committee meetings.

Besides being involved with the SFSS, I’m currently the second year representative for the Society of Arts and Social Sciences. I’ve helped during SASS’s Frosh as a first year representative and coordinator, I have also helped with SASS’s 90s pub night, and Formal. At the moment I’m helping in the establishment of a scholarship program provided by SASS. Moreover I’m part of an advisory committee that works closely with Departmental Student Unions which provides any help necessary with their academic journals.

Outside SFU I have experience with charity events, administrative work, preparing financial reports and managing board meetings as I was the President of a Romanian NGO for two years. At this organization I was leading a team where we offered alternative methods of learning for high school students. The experience gained in these positions will help me to successfully improve student life at SFU.

I plan on achieving this goal by continuing to have successful parties at the Highland Pub but at the same time addressing the lack of diversity in events held by the SFSS. Because of this lack in diversity, I plan on hosting more under-age parties and also community building events like conferences, debates, fundraisers, and academic events. I will improve our SFU pride by working closely together with the body which represents student athletes in order to organize joint events, and thus improve our home-game attendances. Most importantly, I believe that financial responsibility is of the utmost importance in achieving these goals. Students pay fees to the Society and it is important to keep this in mind as the Society plans events for them. I intend on working closely with the Vice-President External Relations on creating a community building network plan by connecting Events Committee’s and Advocacy Committee’s strengths. This constructive and cooperative partnership will improve the whole student experience at SFU and it is a partnership I believe was not as strong as it could have been in the past years.

Helping clubs, DSUs, and other student based communities at SFU is also very important to me should I be elected to this position. I would accomplish this by helping these groups host more events; both social and academic, in order to improve their profile and membership. This will help those groups raise awareness about their goals and causes as well as better integrate them into the student life of SFU. Additionally, I believe that Clubs and DSUs would benefit greatly with the addition of stronger training workshops, and opportunities to go beyond the Nuts and Bolts training provided should they choose to (for executives of these groups).

Should you choose to elect me as your VP Student Life, I would also be responsible for chairing Council (which is the new name for Student Forum). With regular attendance at these meetings, SFSS committee meetings and SASS meetings, my experience has prepared me well to chair Council. I strongly believe that students would benefit with more opportunities to be represented at what is the Board of Directors’ advisory body, as I feel that one meeting every month is not enough, given the importance of Council’s role.

Thank you for taking the time to read my platform and considering electing me as the VP Student Life of your Simon Fraser Student Society. If you have any questions about my campaign, or want to talk about how to improve school spirit at SFU, please contact me at sppopa@sfu.ca or visit http://bit.ly/vote4patrick.

Adhar Sharma

Hi Everyone,

I am a 3rd year Student and currently pursuing Joint Major in Communications and Interactive Arts and Technology at our favorite hangout, Simon Fraser University. I am running for the Vice President Student Life for the SFSS, which in essence will be responsible for building a strong student community at SFU campuses.

What I have to offer

Sick of hearing about UBC’s much celebrated student life? Well I take this opportunity as disparagement towards our institution and my fellow students, and therefore promise to take any necessary action to promote our very own SFU culture. Promoting and supporting social activities and events is just one part of this promise as I also strongly look to engage in community building at all SFU campuses.

What I have to offer is not just a set of resolution that needs to be addressed for a better Student Community, but also the time that I am willing to put in on behalf of the all those who cannot.

How I plan to go about it

For more than a year I have been involved with many student body and community events serving many kinds of small and big roles in them. I love the spirit that student have for celebration and participation at SFU but there is much room for improvement. The fundamental issues that I would work on are:

  • Students missing out on occasions due to unforeseen partiality in transferring information.
  • Identifying and strongly promoting the relation between individual students and the initiated events via SFSS, Faculties and both established and upcoming Student Clubs.
  • To get Students to involve not only in social events but also in events/rallies related to Student Life both academically and financially,
  • I will work in making event structures more relatable to students

I strongly believe ‘us’ standing together as a community will immensely help bring SFU into the mainstream of things, where everyone’s voice will come together in forming a stronger SFU culture.

That’s why I chose to step up for the VP Student Life and assume the responsibility of representing and coordinating SFU events on a standardized platform, i.e. SFSS, and work on event schedules which will prove appropriate for the welfare of the SFU community as a whole.

Feel free to contact me for any further inquiries or discussion (adhars@sfu.ca)

Thanks for investing your time

Cheers !!