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My name is Deepak Sharma, I am currently an member of the Board of Directors for the Simon Fraser Student Society and intent on having a second term as a member of the Board of Directors for the SFSS as Vice-President Student Life.

I’d be Keepin’ It REAL by;

-Advocating for the positive progression of BUILD SFU.

-Further looking into an Events coordinator position
-Creating an FROSH week which involves all eight faculties
-Assisting Faculty representatives in establishing Faculty Student Unions
-Using previous Board member experience to productively liaison amongst Faculty representatives in order to keep Student unions active
-Using previous experience as a member to efficiently liaison amongst the large diversity of clubs within the SFSS
-Increase student presance in supporting our athletic and recreation teams
-Continuing the Say HI SFU Campaign, in order to further create a Healthy and Positive learning space throughout campus

-Creating a stable volunteer network

-Using my Granting committee experience, to further simplify the procedure in applying for grants

While primarily being engaged with student orientated groups on campus since my first year as an SFU student, I’ve made sure to include myself in a large diversity of student groups and not just an specific cultural or career concentrated group.

Being held responsible for the organization of on campus events is something I am very experienced with. Furthermore having an understanding of running on campus events at more than just our primary campus (Burnaby) has further increased my level of responsibility and experience on holding events  as I have experience satellite campuses. In addition I’ve been on the working groups for all the successful concerts that have taken place on campus thus far, which single handily have engaged more students at SFU than any other has done so in the past.

That being said, I have an ample amount of experience working with clubs and DSUs/FSUs. Part of my experience came this past term as the Science representative, and how I had to handled the work load of 11 DSU’s in addition to manage to put a referendum question on the ballot in regards to establishing the first ever FSU for the Faculty of Science the ‘Science Undergraduate Society.’ I would never take credit for the referendum question passing, that praise should go to the 833  members of the science community that took initiative and voted. However this process increased my knowledge of student groups to the inner workings of a clubs and student unions, something I can confidently say other candidates may not have.

Vice-President Student Life is more than just throwing a successful pub night on campus, although I have done plenty of those. It’s about being that connection between student groups and the society. With my experience as a current Board member, and my knowledge of a diverse range of student groups I can confidently say that I am Responsible, Experienced, and Accountable Leader (REAL) that is best suited for this position.



March 24- 26th

Hassan Liaquat

To give real service you must add something, which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity – Douglas Adams

Who am I?

My name is Hassan Liaquat and I am a third year Business Student at Simon Fraser University. I’m running for the position of Vice-President Student Life in the Simon Fraser Student Society elections this year. I see this position as being critical towards building school spirit at SFU.

Work Ethics and Values:

  • Engagement

  • Transparency

  • Sustainability

  • Supportive

In my own life and in my own small way I have worked hard to give back to this community, which I have fallen in love with in these last three years. I love to engage and empower people that I work and volunteer with. I believe each one of us has a unique set of skills that can bring forward a positive contribution at this school and in the overall community.

My Experience

I have been involved in the SFU community through various platforms. This includes:

  • Elected as the Social Coordinator of the Pakistan Student Association at SFU in 2013 and later as Vice-President Internal in 2014. During this time I held several pub nights, with a number of them being sold out.

  • Started Cultural night with my team and provided a platform to people from diverse backgrounds to come forward and showcase their culture.

  • Held sold out Cricket Tournaments on and off campus.

  • Held Networking events and mentorship programs for international students.

  • Working as a Volunteer Coordinator Officer at SFU’s Got Talent 2015.

  • Working as a Creative Director at SFU Fashion Week.

  • Orientation Leader.

  • Peer Educator (Fraser International College).

  • Worked alongside many other students on creating the new constitution of International Student Group.

  • Raised concerns regarding increase in International Student Fees.

  • Worked as PR Officer at CJSF Radio

What can I do for you?

My platform for the upcoming elections is based on enriching the student life experience of undergraduate students at Simon Fraser University. If I am elected as the VP Student life, I plan to:

Improve student accessibility:

  • Create a strong network between the faculties, DSU’s and the clubs.

  • Find an effective way to communicate the resources that are actually available to clubs.

  • Focus on all the campuses, as they are equally part of the school life.

Enhance Clubs:

  • More Funding: Develop criteria-based funding for clubs.

    • Partner with SFU Engagement Fund and International Student center to provide more funding for clubs.

    • Work with SFSS’ Vice-President External to develop a platform where clubs can easily reach out for sponsors.

  • Develop a platform where clubs can easily and effectively promote their upcoming events to increase their presence on all SFU campuses.

More events and engagement:

  • Organize more events like SFU Got Talent and SFU Fashion Week that engage students and provide them a platform to showcase their talent.

  • Continue and strive to improve events like Fall and Spring concerts, sex week, pancake breakfast etc. as they have been highly successful.

  • Work with international students and foster an avenue where they can utilize the International clubs as support system.

  • Empower the student body by engaging it in planning and running these events.

Focus on Student Mental Health:

  • Introduce stress relief week comprising of various activities for example providing yoga classes, more puppy rooms, having Zumba workshops etc.

  • Having extra facilities offered for students during midterm and exam season to help students relax; like gaming rooms, nap rooms, or “chill zones”.

Why vote for me?

To sum it up, I have been involved with student life for 3 years now.  I have demonstrated my skills through many platforms, working towards improving social life at SFU. As a student I know the hindrances we face and how we can come together to improve them. I will address your needs and wants and work with the board to create a safe environment where students can grow and enjoy as a community.

If you have any ideas about how to improve student life at SFU, questions about my campaign or if you would like to help out with it, please do not hesitate to contact me at hliaquat@sfu,ca.

If you want the upcoming year to be the most memorable year you’ve had at SFU, vote Hassan Liaquat to represent you as your Vice-President Student Life.

For more information, check out my Facebook campaign by searching for “Hassan Liaquat for VP STUDENT LIFE!”