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Curtis Pooghkay

Picture of Curtis Pooghkay

Picture of Curtis Pooghkay

Hi, I’m Curtis Pooghkay and I am the current At- Large Representative on the Board of Directors. I am running for Vice President Student Life. My platform points will include but are not limited to the following (7) points:

·         The SFSS needs to continue to grow and become more efficient. I will continue to advocate and adhere to the SFSS board policies. I will advocate for the continuation of the SFSS to move in a direction of governance reform with the intended severance of governance and operations.

·         Students have continually asked for a diversity of events on campus. From the perspective of an active student, I realize the importance of holding various events that engage the different interests of our membership. I will advocate for a Fall Kickoff week of events in September. That will not only include the Fall Kickoff concert, but will also contain a new set of events, which caters to more of our membership.

·         Event continuity continues to be a major issue within the SFSS. The SFSS board of directors changes every year and there is often a change in the quality of events as a result. Creating a Job description and eventually hiring an events coordinator position for the SFSS can remedy this. I will continue to advocate for this hire.

·         The SFSS in previous years have been very Burnaby centric. We have a huge portion of our membership at both Vancouver and Surrey campuses. If elected I will advocate for an increased frequency and quality of SFSS planned events on the Surrey and Vancouver campuses.

·         The first year student experience is something that is very important to building community on campus. There are a lot of various frosh events around campus but the SFSS does not currently have a society frosh. I will advocate that the SFSS create a society wide frosh for Fall 2016.

·         Greek life on campus has proven to be an extremely valuable community on campus that represents the characteristics of an engaged student. I will continue to advocate for Greek Life interests on campus. Continue to look into ways to reduce barriers to participation for Greek Life and provide support for their interests.

·         The faculty student union process benefits and creates a more structure for our student unions on campus. I will advocate for the creation of faculty student unions for the four remaining departmental student unions without a faculty student union.

I am a candidate running from the perspective of an active student, who has seen the need for the aforementioned points on my platform. My ultimate goal if elected is to create a community that is inclusive to all the interests of our membership.

“I want to create a campus where students struggle with the idea for going home for the day rather than the idea of coming to school at all”

You can contact me at Cpooghka@sfu.ca if you have any questions you can view my whole platform here: http://on.fb.me/1TMHhWT