The Independent Electoral Commission

The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) is a body established by the Constitution of the Simon Fraser Student Society. Article 14 declares that the Society “shall maintain an Independent Electoral Commission” that “shall be responsible to ensure that Society elections and referenda occur in the prescribed manner as set out in these By-Laws, and any regulations governing the conduct of elections or referenda.”

The Independent Electoral Commission consists of the Chief Commissioner and four other Commissioners. The IEC is appointed by the SFSS Board of Directors to handle all SFSS electoral affairs, oversee elections, and ensure compliance with established by-laws, policies and rules. During the election, the IEC is responsible for approving nomination forms and campaign materials, hosting all-candidate debates and addressing any pertinent inquiries. Additional responsibilities include adjudicating complaints, administrating the online voting system, and tabulating the results of the election. Although appointed by the SFSS Board of Directors, the IEC is independent of the Board once appointed.

The Chief Commissioner

Appointed for one year, the Chief Commissioner oversees and coordinates all SFSS elections, by-elections, and referenda, and has the right to attend and speak at all SFSS Board, Forum, and Committee meetings. They interview and recommend applicants for IEC Commissioners, who the Board of Directors appoints. The Chief Commissioner also provides a comprehensive election report for the Board.

Upon request and if in compliance with IEC regulations, the Chief Commissioner may also oversee elections for other official SFSS-registered clubs.