Science Representative Tie

Hello students! As you all know, there was a tie between Tomas Rapaport and Jimmy Dhesa for the Science Representative position. Since there is no language in the SFSS Policies, By-Laws, or related regulations, the IEC has had to make a decision regarding how to proceed with the process.

The IEC has decided to have a re-vote. This re-vote will take place next week, running from April 4th-April 7th (Monday – Thursday).

Campaign Period: The two candidates will be permitted to continue campaigning from April 4th at 12:00am until April 6th at 11:59pm.

Voting Period: Voting will take place from April 7th at 12:00am to 11:59pm.

You can VOTE for Jimmy or Tomas at this link:

I would like to remind you all that the re-vote will be conducted in accordance with the SFSS Policies, By-Laws, and regulations, and candidates are still subject to penalty from the IEC for acting outside of these regulations.