Referendum Campaign Platform | U-Pass BC

The current U-Pass BC program will expire by the end of the Spring 2013 semester. In order for usPrevost-5504 to continue to participate in the U-Pass BC program, we must vote yes to approve the new program. This new program will still offer a considerable discount compare to adult monthly passes.

We advocated to TransLink and the BC government for an adequately funded transit system. The proposed prices represent an acknowledgement and support from the BC government and TransLink to keep U-Pass BC fees well below current transit fares.

Benefits of the U-Pass BC program:

A discounted price of $35/month from May 2013-April 2014, which is a $56 to $135 savings, dependent on number of zones, from a regular price adult fare for the first year.
Unlimited access to all services provided by TransLink in all 3 zones in Metro Vancouver including buses, Seabus, Skytrain and Canada Line.
Additional discounts for West Coast Express.
Continues to provide affordable transit for students.
Encourages students to incorporate public transit into their lifestyle
Reduces the number of cars on the road, traffic congestion, and emission of greenhouses.
Current costs for adult monthly passes:

1 Zone $91
2 Zone $124
3 Zone $170

New U-Pass program monthly fee schedule

May 2013-April 2014 $35
May 2014-April 2015 $36.75
May 2015-April 2016 $38

The new program will continue to offer unlimited use of buses, the Seabus, and the Skytrain including the Canada Line. It will also continue to offer a discounted rate for the West Coast Express.
Vote yes to keep the U-Pass!