Fall 2014

Question 1: Faculty Student Union – Business

BASS is currently constituted under the Simon Fraser Student Society (SFSS) as the Departmental Student Union (DSU) of the Beedie School of Business. In April 2013, the SFSS passed By-law changes at a Special General Meeting to allow for the creation of Faculty Student Unions (FSUs). Since our signature initiatives such as BASS FROSH, BASS Mentorship Program, Beedie Olympics, and BASS Banquet are targeted to our membership comprised of all Business students in any concentration, BASS already operates as a student organization representing an entire faculty. As such, the BASS 2014/2015 Executive Council has made it a priority to pursue this opportunity to become defined by the SFSS as the FSU of the Beedie School of Business.

A significant BASS milestone was reached when members unanimously voted in favour of ratifying the updated BASS Constitution and By-laws at a quorate Annual General Meeting on October 14, 2014 (http://www.beediebass.com/calendar/bass-annual-general-meeting/) Together, we can continue to take steps forward and define BASS as an FSU. All members (Business majors, minors, honours, and any student taking at least one business class) are eligible to vote on BASS’s status as an FSU through the SFSS Fall Referendum on Wednesday, November 19.

What steps have been taken up to this point?

David Chapman (BASS VP Finance 2012/2013 and VP Corporate Relations 2013/2014), Shadnam Khan (SFSS Business Representative), and Jessica Gutierrez (BASS President 2014/2015) led the rewrite of the BASS Constitution and By-laws. The document received approval from the BASS 2014/2015 Executive Council, Beedie School of Business, BASS Board of Advisors, SFSS Constitution and Policy Review Committee, SFSS Board, and BASS membership (through the AGM).

What does FSU status mean for BASS and Beedie clubs?

If BASS is recognized as an FSU, we will be able to create a larger presence for the Beedie School of Business among SFU organizations, impact SFSS governance structure and policies relevant to FSUs, and add more value to Beedie undergraduate student life. If passed, FSU status will be effective as of January 1, 2015. Beedie concentration clubs may have the option of establishing themselves as DSUs through the SFSS.

The BASS Executive Council is proud to represent our members at the Beedie School of Business. Participate in the vote on November 19 and get involved in another piece of BASS history.

VOTE YES to establish BASS as the Faculty Student Union of the Beedie School of Business!

Questions or comments? Please contact bass-exec@sfu.ca

Website: http://www.beediebass.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SFUBASS | Twitter: https://twitter.com/SFUBASS

Question 2: Faculty Student Union – Science

The Science Undergraduate Society, is seeking establishment. You can help by Voting YES on November 19th, or 20th. You will receive an email with a link to vote, the link can also be found on http://elections.sfss.ca/ . It does not matter if your only enrolled in one science course or minoring and majoring in sciences. It’ll only take a short amount of time to vote, and make SFU Science history.

How the Science Undergraduate Society (SUS) will benefit you:

  • It’ll provide activities to enhance the educational, cultural, environmental and social well being of students in science programs at SFU

  • Host daily and weekly events, such as free coffee, or pizza day in the science lounges. This is where students can come together informally to exchange ideas or just simply hang out

  • Promote and represent the interests of students in the faculty of science at SFU

  • Receive more funding from the SFSS specifically for Science Students

  • Create a faculty wide peer mentorship program, which we will be seeking faculty approval for as it will be the only free tutoring program on campus

  • Having an information booklet for science students written by student for students. Which will provide information needed about course selection, and academic resources from a students perspective

  • Seek out partnership with organizations that will benefit students attending to go to graduate school. Such as Kaplan the worlds leading MCAT prep provider, alongside dental, optometry, pharmacology and nursing preparation

  • Create an online database catered towards students who desire to enter graduate school, that students can access anytime they want

  • Publish the SFU SUS undergraduate journal, where we would publish and promote undergraduate research

VOTE YES to establish SUS as the Faculty Student Union for the Science Faculty

Questions or comments? Message btly@sfu.ca or sciencerep@sfss.ca