Move The Mountain

Have you ever felt disempowered or unrepresented at SFU? We have too.

Move the Mountain grew out of honest conversation among individuals in the SFU community about the shortcomings and potential of the Simon Fraser Student Society (SFSS). While our experiences and reasons for joining this movement vary, we share a common plan to make the SFSS a place where all students can feel valued, represented, and free to voice their opinions. Move the Mountain candidates come from diverse backgrounds and have unique goals, but share the common values of inclusion, action and community.

Move the Mountain will open lines of communication with the student body. We will issue regular, accessible budget updates and create a safe, welcoming, and open environment at the SFSS. We will prioritize financial assistance for students by advocating for the creation of a bursary for part time students, increasing SFSS general bursary contributions, and expanding the SFSS Emergency Food Bank Program We will prioritize the SFSS core mandate of advocating for student interests such as affordable education and improved public transit to SFU’s three campuses. We will expand the SFSS presence in Surrey and Vancouver. We will provide more funding and support for clubs and DSU’s. We will hold the university accountable for decisions that negatively impact students. We recall the ground breaking accomplishments of the SFSS, such as creating the U-Pass program and negotiating tuition freezes. We will find out exactly what students want from the SFSS through a large scale consultation process to create a three year strategic plan, allowing us to work towards informed, big picture goals. Please review our candidates’ platforms for more detailed plans.

Move the Mountain is made up of passionate and determined students working to bring change to the SFSS, the SFU community, and society at large. Thirteen people cannot move a mountain, but thirty thousand SFU students working together can. Vote Move the Mountain for your next SFSS Board of Directors.


Candidates affiliated with this slate:

Chardaye Bueckert – President

Rahul Rajanala – VP Student Services

Kathleen Yang – VP External Relations 

Blossom Malham – VP Student Life 

Nomin Gantulga – VP Finance 

Clay J. Gray – VP University Relations

Ben Rogers – Faculty of Applied Sciences Representative

Akashdeep Brar – Faculty of Business Representative 

Gloria Mellesmoen – Faculty of Education Representative

Ayla Kooner – Faculty of Health Sciences Representative

Monty Grewal – Faculty of Science Representative

Rebecca Langmead – Student At-Large Representative

Humna Ahmad – Student At-Large Representative