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Hey! Listen!

Like our name, the LAN Party, our slate is all about opening new avenues of communication and interaction. Our mission is to connect the faculties through student unions, such as the newly minted SUS and the proposed Faculty Applied Sciences Student Union. This isn’t to say that we only care about big events, it is a top priority that the unique environment and culture created by each group be preserved and nourished. To whit we want each and every student to have the chance to meet diverse people and encounter a multitude of opportunities.

Because we are a small slate, we won’t make promises that we can’t keep.  We will advocate for lower fees and tuition, affordable housing, and other issues of importance to the society.  We will also work with our respective DSUs and clubs to improve the experience of our membership.  We can also work with the board and provide a more rational and structured viewpoint on larger issues important to the student body.  Everyone in the LAN Party has experience working with diverse groups of people with a wide variety of needs and views.  We are all very approachable and welcoming.  If you have an issue you want to be addressed, let us know!

Expand your network, get connected, and vote LAN!

Candidates affiliated with this slate

Johnny Aether | President

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Corbett Gildersleve | Applied Sciences Representative

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Jesse Velay-Vitow | Sciences Representative

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