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Bridge The Gap

Bridge the Gap. We do more than just connect.

“Bridge the Gap” consists of 5 dedicated candidates that are ready to work together to elevate the undergraduate experience through involvement, encouragement, and opportunity.  If elected, we will change your perception of community at SFU and bring forth the opportunities we need, as a society, to succeed. We are the slate that SFU needs.

We will inspire, elevate and reconstruct the social atmosphere at SFU by holding events well-suited for the entire student population. Moreover, we will help engagement and involvement in social life through some of the University’s most well-known organizations like the Women’s Centre and the DSUs, while also encouraging the smaller organizations to grow and evolve on all three campuses.

We will create and mold the SFSS into a welcoming and reassuring place, where students can openly communicate their concerns without hesitation and where we, if elected, can provide the students with the utmost best academic, financial, and social opportunities.

We will:

  • Connect

    • By creating and hosting events for all students where they can socialize, connect, and network.

    • By taking the time to talk to students individually on their experiences at SFU to better accommodate students at a whole.

  • Engage

    • By directly communicating with DSUs about faculty specific needs and concerns raised by students.

    • By making assistance to financial aid easier to access and improving resources available to help students through the application process for loans and bursaries.

  • Build

    • By offering opportunities to build on the average undergraduate experience

    • By providing networking opportunities on all three campuses with organizations and clubs

    • By assisting all clubs and organizations of SFU to expand and become more interconnected

    • By reducing previous unnecessary spending and reallocating it to more useful ventures

No matter who we are, at SFU we are a community, and we want the best for our student body, whether that be financially, academically or socially. We are here to Bridge the Gap between not only an average undergraduate experiences to an extraordinary undergraduate experience, but also to bridge the gap between the students and the SFSS in terms of transparency and engagement. We will listen to and address all concerns and suggestions voiced by the student body. We are a group of undergraduate students, just like you, passionately dedicating ourselves to a better future for the students at SFU by Bridging the Gap.


Alam Khehra (At-Large Representative)

Jaggy Kullar (At-Large Representative)

Prashant Verma (Applied Science Representative)

Jimmy Dhesa (Science Representative)

Raajan Garcha (Health Science Representative)



Picture of Connected Members (Deepak Sharma, Christine Dyson, Hangue Kim, Curtis Pooghkay, Larissa Chen, Arr Farah, Mudiwa "BK" Bwakura, Paul Hans, Blossom Malhan, Pritesh Pachchigar, Prab Bassi, John Ragone, Tomas Rapaport)

Picture of Connected Members (Deepak Sharma, Christine Dyson, Hangue Kim, Curtis Pooghkay, Larissa Chen, Arr Farah, Mudiwa “BK” Bwakura, Paul Hans, Blossom Malhan, Pritesh Pachchigar, Prab Bassi, John Ragone, Tomas Rapaport)

Team Connected is a 13 person team comprised of six current Board members and seven other individuals, who all have university student leadership experience at various levels. Beyond just current Board members, various members of our team currently hold leadership roles in SFSS clubs, student unions, and external student interest groups. Further, our team consists of members being involved in the aforementioned leadership roles at all three campuses, ensuring that Connected will be a team working towards enhancing the university experience of undergraduate students at all SFU campuses.

All members of Connected have platforms based on the following three pillars:

1) Connected for Continuity

  • With so much turnover on an annual bases the SFSS is known to not continue work started by previous Board’s. However as our entire Executive is made up of current Board of Directors, and we’ll ensure that the work started by this year’s Board continues and does not lose momentum during the annual change in leadership.

2) Connected for Community

  • As all members of our team are current student leaders at various levels, we’ll be working towards connecting all SFU communities with the SFSS.

3) Connected for better campuses

  • We recognize that the SFSS is an organization that has members in three different area’s. Our team is best fit to ensure that all three areas and campuses are represented, since we have members that are involved at all three campuses.

We’re a team with integrity and respect and do not make taglines at the expense of our opponents. We’re a group of leaders focusing our energy on the future and ensuring we enhance the student experience of all undergraduate students at SFU.

For any further questions please contact us at bit.ly/VoteCONNECTED and we’ll respond promplty. Also if you see us campaigning please don’t hesitate to come up and speak to us in person. We’re all very welcoming and responsive individuals that’ll gladly take your questions.

On March 22nd to March 24th make sure to #VoteCONNECTED!