• Brighter SFU

Brighter SFU

Brighter SFU is a team of experienced and passionate individuals who are working together to make a positive change at SFU. Our team includes SFSS Board of Director members, Student Union Presidents, Council Members, Club Executives and Senators. We have come together with our diverse backgrounds and experiences to truly build a Brighter SFU. Our goals are realistic and attainable given the one year term and we will work hard to ensure your voices are heard and represented at the Board table.

Voting is from March 27-30 through SFU Connect!
Candidate platforms can be found at http://elections.sfss.ca/

Our team is in full support of the two referendum questions regarding the changes in the by-laws and the health and dental plan. Read more here: http://bit.ly/2mJsVHT

Here are our candidates!

President- Hangue Kim
VP Student Services- Jimmy Dhesa
VP External Relations- Prab Bassi
VP University Relations- Erwin Kwok
VP Finance- Baljinder Singh Bains
VP Student Life- Alam Singh Khehra

At-Large Rep- Raajan Garcha
At-Large Rep- Jaskarn Randhawa
Applied Sciences Rep- Jeffrey Leung
Arts and Social Sciences Rep- Jackson Freedman
Business Rep- Gini Kuo
Communication, Art and Technology Rep- Juvina Silvestre
Education Rep- Jamie Zhu
Environment Rep- Yun Oh
Health Sciences Rep- Aarushi Sharma
Sciences Rep- Nikki Joy Dumrique