About the Society

The Society

All SFU undergraduate students – over 20,000 of us – are members of the Simon Fraser Student Society. Your SFSS has represented SFU students for over 40 years as a registered not-for-profit organization. We have a goal of uniting student voices, lobbying the University and Governments on student issues, and providing valuable services to all members.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for running the Student Society, which includes the day-to-day operations as well as putting up events for the membership, advocating for student interests, and providing valuable services to the student body.

Executive Officers

Each executive member has a distinct portfolio defined in policy. The executive members’ primary concerns are maintaining the basic operations of the SFSS as a non-profit organization, providing services, and advocating for SFSS members. This is outlined in the SFSS Constitution.

Executive members attend a lot of meetings: weekly exec meetings, bi-weekly board meetings, monthly meetings of Forum and also several meetings of standing committees as well. Executive members must work a minimum of 120 hours per month, or an average minimum of 30 hours per week.

The executive committee is largely responsible for directing day-to-day operations of the society and its staff, making informed business decisions and leading any coordinated efforts at planning that might take place.

Executive members work closely with the staff in the Resource Office (Policy & University Relations Coordinator, Organiser, Communications Coordinator, Campaigns & Research Coordinator) to conduct meetings and implement their decisions.

Faculty and At-Large Representative Members

These members of the Board act as conduits for information to flow between the different faculties and SFSS Board. They are sometimes collectively called the “FARM” team. Compared to executive members, FARM members tend to be more involved in supporting departmental social events and advocacy related to faculty-specific issues.

FARM members have an important role to play by balancing executive input at the standing committees of the SFSS. While executive members may focus more on the business priorities of the SFSS, FARM members tend to represent the needs and issues of “the average student”.

FARM members attend all meetings of Board and Forum, and must participate in at least two standing committees. FARM members must work at least 40 hours per month, or an average minimum of 10 hours per week.